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Casein intolerance? This trick helps permanently!

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If the consumption of dairy products leads to severe flatulence, indigestion and sluggishness, and even switching to lactose-free dairy products does nothing - then casein intolerance is often present. People with casein intolerance (or milk protein allergy) cannot utilize the protein casein contained in cow's milk.

About 80% of the protein from cow's milk is in the form of casein. For this reason, those affected react to practically all foods with cow's milk. Starting with yoghurt, through cheese to milk chocolate. Even traces of milk can lead to symptoms of casein intolerance.

Fortunately, there is a trick to finally get rid of the symptoms of casein intolerance permanently. And without a doctor or medication.

Simple trick against symptoms of casein intolerance

The trick is banal and simple, but it is all the more important to use it consistently. Countless people have been able to permanently increase their quality of life with this trick. It often works after hours and those affected can start implementing it immediately.

People with a casein intolerance (or any other form of milk intolerance) should avoid milk.

Many consumers believe that milk is extremely important for health. Because that's what the dairy industry talked to our grandparents about and this fatal error is passed on from generation to generation. Most dairy farmers probably also believe in it by now.

Nobody is to blame, but the misconceptions about milk have led countless people for generations into a life full of gas, indigestion and malaise. (Here is a real fund of facts about milk!)

Yet only a small proportion of the world's people even drink milk. In many countries in Africa and Asia, practically no milk is consumed. Also in some European regions (e.g. in Sicily) cow's milk is hardly tolerated. Approx. 75% of the world population are lactose intolerant!

Milk intolerance is quite normal in adults

So it is quite normal that people cannot tolerate milk. Classic casein intolerance is neither an allergy nor a disease. It is simply a food intolerance. Those affected can effectively counter the symptoms caused by this by avoiding milk.

The only time people need milk is during the first 2-3 years of life. Breast milk supplies the baby with all the important nutrients. But after weaning, the child never needs milk again. This applies to all mammals. Cats also like cow's milk that is served to them, but they too cannot tolerate it.

If you look at it without prejudice, it seems downright crazy that we as adults even consume the breast milk of another animal species.

Cow's milk also has a completely different composition than breast milk. By nature, it is used to provide the calf with all the nutrients it needs to grow up quickly. It doubles its weight within a few days, while it often takes an infant well over two months (and a lot of energy for brain development) to do so.

A casein or lactose intolerance is a clear message from your own body.

With medication or hypersensitization against casein intolerance?

Indeed, given the many foods that contain dairy products, it may seem tempting to simply swallow casein intolerance medication at first. For example, cortisone supplements or antihistamines are sometimes prescribed when patients insist on continuing to consume cow's milk.

There are even supposed experts who recommend "desensitization". It is similar to smoking: you try to get your body used to feeding it things that are not good for it. Let every reader form their own judgment about it ...

Medication may alleviate symptoms, but not eliminate the underlying problem. With medication you trick your own body, which actually only warns you about unnatural food. It is much easier and more sustainable to avoid milk.

Avoid milk - without any stress

Some patients worry that they will no longer be able to eat normally. This concern is completely unfounded. Any change in diet is just a matter of routine. It takes our brain a few weeks to adjust to new routines. After that it feels completely normal.

In addition, milk is one of the easiest animal products to replace. Plant-based milk alternatives can now be found practically everywhere. The selection ranges from classic soy drinks, rice and grain drinks to special nut drinks. You just have to get out of the quark.

All milk alternatives taste different, so it is advisable to try different types first. There are some that taste almost like cow's milk, while others have their own (nut or grain) taste. There is a suitable milk alternative for everyone. We have compiled important tips on how to easily replace milk here.

Aside from the fact that we no longer need milk as adults, there are many other reasons to avoid milk.

Very few consumers know that calves have to die for milk.

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Author: Kilian Thirty