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Course of study

Art therapy

The master's degree is a postgraduate degree that can be completed at public and private universities, technical colleges and also with private providers. It replaces the previous diploma studies and is designed to be research or application-oriented. The workload is at least 120 ECTS, the standard period of study is usually 4 semesters and a master’s degree builds on a previous bachelor’s degree. So it is a consecutive course.

The requirements for a Master’s degree vary depending on the degree program, but a previously completed Bachelor’s degree is mandatory. The most common names for the master’s degrees are “Master of Arts” and “Master of Science”.

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The small range of part-time master’s courses in art therapy is aimed at social workers, social, special and curative pedagogues, nurses, occupational therapists, employees in social psychiatric services, life and social counselors, artists and visual educators who want to add artistic approaches to their therapy work.

This is what awaits you in the art therapy course

Art therapy should enable patients to express and reflect inner and outer images under therapeutic supervision.

In the art therapy course, neurobiological, -genetic, psychosocial and psychomotor basics are on the curriculum. At the same time an artistic studio work takes place. Typical topics in the curriculum include communication, psychology, addiction, prevention, personal development and supervision. The students should be prepared for an advisory-therapeutic activity.

You can find out what awaits you during and after your studies in our detailed article on studying art therapy. Also search our database for suitable universities that offer such a degree!

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