Who invented ceiling fans

History of the fan

The fan can on a very Longhistory look back. In the present time experience Fans her second Summer. With the increased Environmental awareness and the urge for Energy savings displace Fans little by little again the Air conditioners, since these as Energy guzzlers known and in the maintenance very expensive are.

In contrast to Air conditioners are Fans Indeed Not able to the Room temperature to reduce. The in stages adjustable Airflow, that they generate, you get one feeling the Cooling. The Airflow of Fan exchanges the over the skin standing, from Sweat humid air against fresh Air out.

But when did it begin Ascent the Fans?

It started in Egypt and India

As with many Conceptualized comes that too wordfan from the Latin. "Ventilare" stands for cooling fan out or windproduce.

To Wind generation have been since Centuries of subjects used. They are considered predecessor of Fan and are already up Representations the old Egyptians to see. The higher placed Personalities settled in Egypt of Servants with huge Fronds or Fans fan fresh air. Often times were for it Palm fronds used.

in the 16th Century got the subjects also to Europe. As Status symbol were in this timeHand fans, which as indispensable Accessory were always carried. Sometimes they even served this purpose, secret ones Embassies to submit.

Ceiling fans will also be in the present time used a lot. As more direct predecessor applies to Ceiling compartments. in the India of 19th century were Ceiling compartments widespread. The semicircular frames mostly consisted of Feathers. Alternatives were Ceiling compartments also from Rods made and covered with fabric. These under the covers hangingsubjects were served by servants Ropes emotional.

The first ceiling fans

in the Brockhaus Lexicon one can find one registration from the Year 1809, which states that the fan is a device with which one is closed off Clearing the stale air out and Bring in fresh air can. The invention should from Stephen Hales in the Year 1740 have been made.

Patent holder for the first electricfan is James Wood in the Year 1902.

From 1860 became the first in the United States real ceiling fans used. In this time the devices were still using over Pulleys led belt driven. As Prime mover one used initially Steam turbines, Which later by electrical have been replaced.

Philip Diehl made it breakthrough With Electric motors. He brought 1882 the first with a Electric motor powered Ceiling fan on the market. That brought the Advantage, that on expensivebelt and Deflection pulleys dispensed with could be. This principle became continuous further developed. Already around 40 yeare later to 1920 around, belonged in the Standard equipment of every American Household a Ceiling fan.

The development brought it about that the Engines more powerful and smaller were. During the time the developed from it Table- and Pedestal fans.

Development of fans in Germany

Also in Germany found the development of Fans took place very early. Johann Georg Schiele was in Frankfurt made famous by the fact that he opened the first gas works in Frankfurt built. His son who Engineer Christian Schiele entered the Footsteps of his father than him 1851 in Frankfurt / Main in Neue Mainzer Strasse die first fan factory in Germany founded.

In Hohenlohe has a Cluster, So a network out Research institutions, suppliers and Producers develops in which Small fan industry concentrated. Origin of this Clusters is a single company, the company Ziehl-Abegg. In the meantime this is Cluster but so pronounced that a true one Prime example of Cluster phenomenon represents.

bath Hersfeld served as the location for the founding another Fan center.Benno shields founded here in the Jahre 1874 the Benno shields GmbH.

He also built 1884 the first centrifugal fan, which he made Steel sheets welded together. The TLT-Turbo GmbH leads in the present time the complete fan program continues.

In the Karl August Hut in Euskirchen were already 1879Centrifugal fans produced. At that time they were still made of cast iron before production started Special materials was changed. This is how you used, for example stainless steel as wear-resistant and heat-resistant material, around Fans to manufacture. The enterprise BVA Kockelmann GmbH still leads today in Euskirchen the production of these early Custom-made products and their further development.

In Esslingen on Neckar founded Karl W. Müller 1923 the Electric motor trading company. The resulting Elektro airsystems GmbH represents in the nowadays side channel blower and Industrial fans here. The ones needed for this Engines the company produces in its own factory.

Modern fans

Ceiling fans has existed, as we now know, for a very long time. With the Further development The techniques and today's technical know-how are those these first devices with a today's Ceiling fan but no longer to be compared.

The modernFans have the progress according to the technologies newFunctions,strongerEngines and especially energy-saving Drives to get. By modernEngines also became the Noise level to a Minimum size reduced.

From the first Ceiling fans and Centrifugal fans gradually developed Table- and Pedestal fans. Floor fans followed within shortest Time.

In the middle of 20th century also developed the Electrical industry by leaps and bounds. All species of Fans have always been more effective, were increasing with a number of Functions equipped and more and more in Towards energysave up trimmed.

Quality Fans have in the present time about at least two, mostly three switching stages.Higher priced Devices can hold up to ten step changes to have. Also the service is in the Meanwhile for something easier become. Qualitatively high quality Fans have timer and or Remote control.

Thus, the consumer is able to fan with the timer on a certain running time to be programmed, for example, at night when the Night cool turns off.

With the remote control can all Functions of Fan can be served from the sofa, so that you can walk from the sofa or bed to the fansave up can.