Which state has the most alligators?

Alligator, which was hiding in bombed Berlin for years, is stuffed

Mississippi alligators can live to be 80 to 90 years old - there is plenty of time for an eventful vita. A male specimen with the name Saturn is likely to have overshadowed most of its conspecifics. Even if Saturn was not "Hitler's alligator", as was popularly popular in the past.

Hatched in Mississippi in 1936, Saturn was imported from the Berlin Zoological Garden - and there, among others, Hitler viewed it. There was no more connection, but Saturn's most exciting phase of life was about to begin. On the night of the bombing of November 23, 1943, almost all zoo animals were killed, including most of the alligators and crocodiles. But Saturn managed to break away from his devastated enclosure.

And then ... he disappeared. Nobody knows how and where the alligator survived the next few years. It was not until 1946 that it was accidentally rediscovered by British soldiers. The survivor was transported to Moscow in July and spent the next 74 years in the local zoo.

In May, the Moscow Zoo announced that Saturn, probably the oldest alligator in the world, died of old age at the age of 84. But the famous animal should be preserved for posterity and was therefore stuffed. The state Darwin Museum in Moscow declared that the preparation will be on display on its premises from January 15 - after the corona restrictions have expired. (red, December 16, 2020)