How can I wear Vans high tops?

Fashionable men now wear vans

Designed in 1966 as the world's first skateboarding shoe, the Hi-Top or today Sk8-Hi by Vans has made it to the most popular men's shoes worldwide. Developed in sunny California, with an extra stable and step-resistant sole to give the skateboarders enough grip on their boards, the fabric sneakers impress their fans today as high-top, slip-on or laced low-top. And not only because of their unbeatably pleasant wearing comfort and comfort, but because they also give adult looks a certain casualness and boyish quality.

Distinguishing marks then as now: the legendary pattern of the sole. In the front foot and heel area these are diamonds, in the middle part of the sole there is a hexagon in each of the diamonds, so that they appear like small stars. One of the most famous models from Vans is the "Vans Old Skool". The model is now available in a wide variety of colors. Always with you: the well-known Vans stripe on the sides of the shoe. The leather inserts, which ensure better stability and durability, are also special.

So fashionable men no longer wear Vans for skateboarding, they wear Vans shoes with rolled-up chinos to the agency, with wrinkled baggy trousers or very trendy in their free time on the e-longboard on their way through the trendy districts. Let yourself be inspired and discover the trendy sneakers from Vans: