Give flowers to guys to other guys

Guys what are your flowers

I'm very glad you asked that. Until now I thought that giving flowers was way too cheesy. A cheap stopgap solution if you can't think of anything personal. It is good to know that you are still happy.

That said, to us and there in advance, in a very simple way: You can just say “Congratulations” or “It'll be fine!”. Without having to give us anything. The main thing is that you are serious! Unless maybe you garnish it with an honest smile - the gift always arrives, as cheesy as that sounds. By the way, every one of us is guaranteed to be happy when we hear the sentence “You're really great!”.

But if you want to give us something material ... My first reflex would actually have been the answer "alcohol". You might be right, there are sure to be guys somewhere who don't drink. And even with those who do, you can go wrong with an alcohol gift. For example, I would be really happy about a fine gin, but would just give away a bottle of vodka at the next opportunity instead of drinking it.

But isn't that exactly the case with flowers? Doesn't everyone have their own taste? Ok ok, you can ask the florist if you have no idea about plants yourself. But he doesn't know you and your individual preferences either. Flowers are not created equal, just as alcohol is not created equal.

Or more specifically: you girls have, at least that is how it seems to me, but actually a very specific floral taste, in which you still have to pay attention to the different meanings of different plants. For example, I used to like to give away roses from my parents' garden. My mom didn't think that was so great, the recipients received them sensationally - cliché confirmed. But I would never give away a rose to any casual acquaintance. Just like I would never give away a lily, even though I think it's pretty myself. I know from somewhere that lilies stand for vanity and opulence. You can't go wrong!

Oh, before you wonder: since I couldn't remember ever being given flowers anywhere, I also asked my buddies. Neither of us has ever received a bouquet, or would be happy about it. General consensus: "Wilts after two days at the latest anyway."

Then prefer gifts that last longer than cut plants or a bottle of distilled something. Personally, I am always most happy about something really personal. I give you a hundred points for a handwritten letter. Does not have to have a filler and can be on wrinkled squared paper. The main thing is to have a few lines for which the author has taken a few moments and thought about it. Sounds really simple, but it's very valuable, a sheet of paper that says more than just “Congratulations”, “You're really great!” Or “It'll be fine!”. Doesn't have to be a lot. One or more shared memories. Or so.

In addition, an encouraging word, if something should work again, a reason why you are really great or a few additional words to congratulate you. You can keep something like that and read it again and again if necessary, remember and enjoy it - and pull out a recurring ego boost. After all, how often do you get something written by hand these days and not on WhatsApp or as a text message?

You notice: letters, lasting effect without risk.

Your boys