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0720 - which area code is it?

What is an Austrian 0720 number?

So-called location-independent VoIP numbers with area code 0720 are currently very often offered in the B2C and B2B area. These are virtual numbers for which no Austrian company address has to be given. Now that the controls on the sale of location numbers (GEO numbers) without proof of address have been tightened, many of these providers have switched to 0720 numbers.

What do I have to pay for calling 0720 numbers?

If you actively call a 0720 number, you always only pay the normal call costs that your telephone or mobile phone provider charges you for the local zone.

What does location-independent mean?

The area code 0720 identifies numbers that enable the owner to use them at different locations. Telephone services based on Voice over IP (VoIP)Calling anywhere, i.e. via internet lines.

Which provider is behind which 0720 number?

If you want to know who is behind these phone numbers, you can use the RTR phone number searchuse.

The individual telephone subscribers are not displayed, but you can find out which company is assigned a certain number range.

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