What is the SAR of J8


*Information from the device manufacturer?Reliable source, but not yet verified by the manufacturer??Less reliable source, e.g. forum or information by emailW08Stiftung Warentest 3/2008, 7.3.2008 (Measured values ​​according to ICNIRP)S03Balance 5, 3/19/2003 (Measurements: IMST according to ICNIRP)S02Series of measurements at SSI, 1.2002 (Measurements: SSI according to ICNIRP)X01Xonio, 10/26/2001 (Measurements: IMST according to ICNIRP)B01.ComputerBILD at the end of 2001 (Measurements: probably IMST, unfortunately no answer from ComputerBILD)C01connect 15, July 12, 2001 (Measurements: IMST according to ICNIRP)B01ComputerBILD 8, around 4.2001 (Measurements: probably IMST, unfortunately no answer from ComputerBILD)K01K-Tip 6, March 28, 2001 (Measurements: EMC according to ICNIRP)S01Balance 1, January 17, 2001 (Measurements: ITIS according to ICNIRP)K00K-Tip 20, 11/29/2000 (Measurements: EMC according to ICNIRP)B00ComputerBILD 24, around 11.2000B99Computer FIGURE 8, approx. 4.2000K99K-Tip 15, 9/22/1999 (Measurements: IMST according to IEEE)B98ComputerBILD 7, March 30, 1998P97PlusMinus TV show 12.97K97K-Tip 17, 10/22/1997 (Measurements: Niels Kuster according to Cenelec)F.nnFCC(Measurements according to IEEE, USA devices from 1998)