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How to download all the pictures and videos from the internet

Do you want to download images, music, YouTube videos or even entire websites from the Internet and save them on your computer? We show the easiest way to do this.

The internet is a never-ending pool of funny, moving, interesting and sometimes wonderfully meaningless things. But nothing is forever: Suddenly a manufacturer removes the image of a great product from the website. Or a YouTube channel decides to deactivate a video. It's a shame - because you wanted to see that again later. So how do you save your internet favorites forever?

It works with the right tools. We'll show you how to really secure a website completely, download every image to your hard drive and put together a personal video collection:

1. Back up websites

If you want to secure a website for offline use, the browser can help directly in many cases. To do this, simply go to «File» -> «Save page as». Then make sure to select “Website, complete” or “Website, complete” so that the browser also backs up the associated files.

As a rule, all images on the page should then also be saved. However, websites have become more and more complicated, relying on Javascript, have interactive elements, streamed videos and much more. It is often too much for the browser to save all of this.

Therefore, you should use a specially developed tool for complex websites. There is HTTrack for Windows and SiteSucker for macOS. With both programs you only have to enter the address of a page and they really try to save everything belonging to it.

2. Save images

Images can usually be saved in the browser by right-clicking on them and “Save image / graphic as”. However, many websites have deliberately deactivated this feature or rely on background images that cannot be captured in this way. The Mac popular “just grab it and drag it to the desktop” doesn't work in certain cases either.

Browser addons can help here. For Chrome there is Gallerify and for Firefox Download All Images. With these you should really be able to download all images displayed on a website.

3. Download music and YouTube videos

Browser add-ons can also help with audio files. For Chrome, there is Chrome Audio Capture, which records audio files when they are played, and for Firefox, Audio Downloader Prime, which downloads audio files directly.

For videos, e.g. from YouTube, it is best to use the 4K Video Downloader program for macOS and Windows. All you have to do here is paste the link to a video on a popular platform and the app will download it.

With these tips you can easily create your own collection of Internet memories - even if the providers decide to delete or replace the original file.

Netflix and Spotify downloads are different

Incidentally, this is not the same as when you select the “Download” function in your “Netflix” or “Spotify” app and save the relevant series or music on your mobile phone or laptop: there, the content remains under the control of the provider. So if Netflix removes a film from its offer, it disappears from your device too.

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