What exercise does the brachialis

Biceps, Triceps, Brachialis Exercises for Strong Upper Arms

Biceps and triceps are some of the most famous muscles in the human body. What is less well known is that the two are just two of the 20 different muscles that make up the arm muscles. Most of these muscles are in the forearm. In addition to grasping, lifting and stretching, the arms also fulfill important functions in balancing the body.

The biceps is responsible for flexing the arm towards the shoulder and rotating the forearm. As the “bi” in its name suggests, it consists of two separate muscle heads. These both arise in the shoulder blade and come together in the middle of the upper arm to form a "muscle belly". This muscle belly also gives the biceps the well-known look.

Less known, but no less important: the brachialis

In addition to the biceps, another muscle is responsible for the flexion of the upper arm - it is just significantly less known than its two teammates. The so-called "brachialis" lies below the biceps and closer to the elbow joint. Since he only has a much shorter “lever” available for the same movement, the brachialis is the stronger muscle.

The triceps as the third muscle of the upper horn

The triceps act as an opponent to the biceps and brachialis. The arm extensor also opposes the three muscle heads of the biceps and brachialis with three muscle heads - hence its name. The muscle heads of the triceps arise on the humerus and shoulder blade and run on the back of the arm. Near the elbow, the three components of the triceps converge to form a thick tendon. The triceps mainly work when the arms are stretched out against resistance - as in the dips presented in the video.