Why is Audible so expensive and limited

Audible Tips - How to Get the Most Out of Your Subscription

Audible fans have become indispensable nowadays. With the largest range of subscription-based audio book streaming services on the market, it is finding its way into many households. While we are all waiting for an "unlimited" subscription variant, we will briefly present a few ways in which you can get more out of the streaming service.

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Prime membership

The obligatory point once before away. Since almost everyone knows about this path, let's keep it brief. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get 3 months of Audible for free instead of 1 free month for regular registration. >> To the offer

3 months at half price

Where we are now for a longer period of time for less money. When you are at the end of your free membership, you can of course cancel your subscription. If you choose the reason "The subscription is too expensive", an Audible directly offers the option Flexi-Abo special complete. Here you only pay € 4.95 per month for 3 whole months. Nice trick to save some money.

Take a break from subscription

Audible can get very expensive in the long run. Even with the 3 reduced months. Now and then you find yourself in the situation that you don't have time to start another audio book. You always have the option to pause the Audible subscription, but you lose the remaining credit. Audible also offers you the option to set a pause. A bit hidden, but this link takes you straight to the right page to set a break for 30, 60 or 90 days. The account is not debited and you do not receive any further credit, but you do not lose anything.

High audio quality

I'm not quite aware why, but the standard quality of the Audible app is not the highest quality. Probably to save data volume. In order to be able to enjoy the stories in higher sound quality, you have to go to the settings in the app and activate the high quality download there.

Buy cheaper

Now you are in a predicament. The credit is gone and needs a new book. There is now a nice trick to get the audio books cheaper. Even as a non-Audible subscriber. Let's take the current bestseller No. 1 as an example "On Broken Glass (A Nik Pohl Thriller 1)" The regular price at Audible is € 14.95 (or € 9.95 if you have a subscription). The Kindle book costs € 4.99. If you look closely, you see the purchase option “Add the Audible audio book for only EUR 2.95 to your purchase”. Thus you get the book AND the audio book for a total of € 7.94 instead of € 14.95 without a subscription and even with a subscription you save another € 2. If you are a high volume reader, that can make a big difference. This combination is also perfect for our next tip.

Whispersync - reading & listening

Not so long ago, Amazon introduced the Whispersync feature. With Whispersync you can combine an eBook with an audio book. If you buy both titles at a reduced price (see chapter Buy cheaper) you can create a seamless transition. With a simple click you can switch from reading to the audio book when you have to go and stay in the story without having to take an annoying break. The offer is not yet available for all audio books / eBooks, but Amazon is working hard on it and already has over 55,000 articles on offer.

Simply return the audio book

Some don't know, but you can easily return your audio book.
An audio book can be returned in the options under orders and monthly contributions. A brief indication of why and the credit is back. I myself was once in the situation where an audio book just didn't appeal to me and even after several hours of listening my opinion didn't change. At that point I thought that it was not possible to return it but was pleasantly surprised. Even with books that have been listened to in full, there is still the option of returning it if it was not worth it. Great service.

Give and let give

Amazon is now indispensable. Almost everyone has such an account. So in principle everyone also has an Audible account, which only has to be activated. You can cancel it directly without having to pay any costs. A cool feature is sending out audio books. You can give a one-time audio book to a friend as a gift. He can then receive it directly and hear it without having to sacrifice any credit himself. So if you have a lot of friends who are dear and want to do you a favor, you can just pass an audio book on. And who knows, maybe you'll find a liking for Audible at the same time.

Stranger hearing

I know this isn't exactly an Audible tip, but I'll squeeze it into it. If you're just waiting for your new credit, you can see whether the audiobook you want isn't available on Spotify. It's hard to believe, but there is now a very large selection of audio books there. I have already saved 4 credits. YouTube is also an alternative for some things, but is too data-heavy if you don't want to rip it from the video.

Audible Original Podcasts

Looking for a little gap filler? Audible now also has podcasts. However, very limited. The offer is small, but is expected to grow increasingly. However, this does not mean private podcasts such as those available in abundance on iTunes etc., but mini audio book series. I personally think the English ones in particular are very successful. The Germans are still a bit too stiff and rare for me.


Now a general tip. A regular look at the offers on Audible & Amazon can't hurt. Every now and then very interesting books come into the ½ credit area at Audible. It also happens that Amazon offers a reduced membership. For example, on Prime Day last year there was the opportunity to purchase an annual subscription for 50%. So for the one-time price of about 60 instead of 120 € and I think that a similar deal will appear this time as well. So mark the date July 10th in red in the calendar.

Conclusion - why Audible and nothing else

Audible is and remains simply unbeatable when it comes to audio books. The huge selection paired with high audio quality and a return right of books make it very easy to use. You can have your books played on multiple devices in order to be able to switch between PC and mobile phone. But with Whispersync there was even the possibility to switch between reading and listening, as well as the option of getting books and audio books at such a low price. There are several alternatives. Other streaming services even offer flats with “unlimited”, but have only a very small selection compared to Audible. The purchase option from other sites such as Thalia are almost as expensive as Audible and are clearly beaten by Amazon in the price of an eBook with audio book.