What's wrong with plane food

The history of catering in airplanes

The history of catering in airplanes is very interesting! The beginnings and later development are full of interesting facts that will grab your attention. If you like the stories you will love this one. Ready? Here we go!

The luxury of travel

At the time when Travel is still a luxury and flying went beyond the mere thought of arriving at your destination, you didn't even think of eating and drinking on board. It was normal to wear a suit, with gloves and hats to travel, and for many, flying was an extravagant and exquisite odyssey, even if the distance to be covered was not very great. Actors, business people, or wealthy individuals were the privileged few.

From the 1920s onwards, commercial aviation was increasingly viewed as another mode of transportthat competed with trains and ships. The airlines of the time began to improve the service on board in order to attract customers with more amenities. The question arose: what could be improved? In-flight food and drink service was the answer.

    The first meals and how it went on

    At first the offer was on board for a simple snack (a sandwich and a soft drink), but soon more modern aircraft with better cooking equipment made it possible to expand the culinary offer. In addition, the wide aisles and the space between the seats were used to allow the food trolleys to pass and to serve large trays.

    Did you know that among the delicacies that were served there was lobster? The best menus of the time offered crunchy salads and meat dishes, sauces and spectacular desserts, which rounded off the menu. Everything was served on china dishes and the tray was decorated with beautiful flowers.

    Today's meal in the airplane is the result of a long development. Menus, preparation, eating, even the way food is transported and served, have changed. That is why Air Europa is now campaigning for these changes. The food on the plane is the product of many advances and adjustments to the times in which we live. The fact is that the 21st century is innovative, but at the same time there are factors like that Sustainabilityt is aware.

    ➡️At Air Europa, not only is a good quality menu important to us, we also want to keep waste as low as possible and ensure sustainable production. Our flights offer options for a pleasant, comfortable, and delicious journey. Not only can you try the hot dishes, but have too a wide range of snacks and breakfast and can too special meals request. Everything you want within your reach!

    So much for the history of catering on the plane. A century of history is not that easy to sum up, but at least we were able to give you the most interesting facts. Until next time!