Can I improve my singing of course?

Record vocals: improve timing and intonation by moving

by Ronny Lang,

If there is not enough energy involved, timing and intonation can be improved significantly by moving. Through movements, the feelings are lived out more clearly in the body, supported and thus palpable. They underline the performance in a very natural way. When a singer consciously excludes the body while singing, he has created stress and pressure of expectation.

In normal life, gestures, postures and body tension are simply part of the process when communicating, discussing or e.g. B. argues. Why not while singing too? The whole person communicates and also shares with the listener his mood and what he has to say. It is important that the singer does not place the responsibility solely in his voice. He should let his body participate in the expression, let him sing along.


With gestures and movements with the hands that match the situation that is being sung about, the singer places his attention and tension exclusively on the hands, they are his expression, while he sings.

Observations: Singers often hold their hands tight, put them in their pockets, etc. They supposedly give them a task, namely nothing to do, because they don't know what to do with it. This supposedly "comfortable" posture is a cramp and blocks the singer extremely without him being able to recognize it directly. It's just a familiar attitude.

You can invest the retained energy in singing more effectively if you admit that your hands don't have to do anything. But you can have a say and sing along if you want - without compulsion. It may initially require overcoming, but then makes everything easier, more fluid and more conscious.

Often you can see singers holding their hands on headphones. Even this "cool gesture" is actually a cramp and only suggests to you: "The voice is so exactly between my hands, now make an effort!"


It feels much freer and more natural to sing like this. Timing and intonation are much safer. The singing sounds more accentuated, much more energetic but also more uncontrolled. Active and strong control of the tones while singing is never good, it comes at the expense of expression. If the melody is too choppy, you still have to correct something, that is, make the whole thing a bit more “bound”, mainly mental, then the energy remains, and the tones appear a bit more homogeneous. But of course it depends on the situation and the singer. The singing also gains a lot emotionally. The tones are brought to feeling levels through the movement, in the sense of feeling tones, out of the thought area. Emotions travel faster in the body than thoughts.

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