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Healthy breathing: 5 reasons why you should breathe through your nose more often

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Breathe in deeply: Small hairs in the nose filter the air from dirt particles and dust (symbol). © imago images / Panthermedia

Healthy breathing: Those who inhale through their noses and exhale through their mouths live much healthier lives, according to researchers. But why is that so?

Hanover - Everyone breathes around 12 to 16 times per minute. About the nose or the mouth the air gets into the lungs - automatically. Because the breathing is regulated by the brain. Yes, though To breathe is a natural process, we can do a lot to improve ours Lungs stay fit. So breathing through the nose is compared to that Mouth breathing than much healthier. But why is that so?

Healthy breathing: 5 reasons why you should and shouldn't breathe through your nose

While most people do the nose it can do much more than just connect to the oxygen supply: it protects you Lungs by cleaning, moistening and tempering the Breathing air. If the air always flowed through the mouth directly into the lungs, there would be a lot more Diseases, the body would dry out faster and the lungs would cool down. In addition, it belongs To breathe through the nose to an important one Survival mechanism. Even babies breathe in naturally through their noses. This is the only way they can suck and breathe at the same time without suffocating.

1. Healthy breathing: filtering pollutants in the air

Who instead of the nose on the mouth inhales and exhales, does not get sick immediately. But it flows air Via the oral cavity directly into the throat, this can have some disadvantages, according to the German Lung Foundation. How to get there Dust particles and other Dirt particles when breathing through the mouth into the windpipe and lungs. In the long term, this is not the only thing that Mucous membranes harm, but also increase the risk of lung disease. The most important reason why you should breathe through your nose more often is therefore this cleaning the Breathing air. There are small ones in the nose Ciliafiltering the air from dirt and dust. Dangerous particles remain in the turbinate and the Nostrils hang.

2. Healthy breathing: oxygen is absorbed more easily

Also in terms of things Oxygen supply nasal breathing is an advantage. Because if you breathe through your nose, you take around ten percent more oxygen on. The reason for this is the gas Nitric oxide, which is already in the Sinuses is formed and automatically transported to the lungs. Once there, it stimulates blood flow in the alveoli, which more oxygen can absorb into the blood. If the vital gas gets into the blood, it also has a positive effect on the organs: You feel both mentally and physically more powerful.

3. Healthy breathing: recognize dangers in air and food

Breathing through your nose doesn't just filter the air off dirt and Dust, but also protects the body from other dangers. Spoiled milk, eggs, or other food you can usually tell by the smell. Even in the event of a fire or harmful substances in the Breathing air, take the olfactory cells in the nose suspicious Smells quickly true.

5. Healthy breathing: regulation of temperature and humidity

In the breathing through the nose warms a network of blood vessels that is directly under the Nasal mucosa lies, the breath. The inhaled air often reaches up to 34 degrees, which is almost the Body temperature corresponds to. Researchers have also found that the temperature the air increases on the way to the lungs - but can also decrease if necessary. Still is one optimal regulation the temperature is especially important in winter. Because for them Lungs warm air is much more pleasant than cold air.

The Nasal breathing is not only responsible for regulating the temperature, it also humidifies the air we breathe. Streams the Breathing air through the nose, it becomes inside the Nasal cavity enriched with water through a film of mucus. "Our lung likes warmed and humidified air, and that is done by the nose. In any case, this is one reason why one generally goes through the Breathe nose should, also in sport, ”explains Dr. Kerstin Zeise, state chairwoman of the ENT doctors' association in Berlin, told Fitbook.

4. Healthy breathing: the nose helps when choosing a partner

The nose can not only recognize dangers in the environment, it also helps us with Partner choice. Because in addition to sweat and other smells also get Pheromones into the nose via the air we breathe. Those who breathe through the mouth miss them Fragrances on the other hand. It has long been known that women respond very differently to the Body odors different men react. According to researchers, this is due to our genes Immune system. If these differ significantly in men and women, the higher the probability that both will attractive Find. Researchers from Switzerland and Germany were also able to confirm in a study that the Body odor shows a woman * how fertile she is, as merkur.de reports. * merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

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