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La Tuna Canyon Park, California: Popular Routes

Looking for a new route in La Tuna Canyon Park, California? AllTrails has 9 great hiking routes, running routes, mountain biking routes, as well as many other selected route maps, detailed reviews and photos from other users. Are you ready for your next outing? We have 5 moderate routes in La Tuna Canyon Park that vary from 5.8 to 19.8 kilometers and are between 366 and 955 meters above sea level. Let yourself be inspired and head out into nature!
Whiting Woods Motorway Trail
# 3 - Whiting Woods Motorway Trail
La Tuna Canyon Park
Length: 9.2 km • Est. 3 h 25 m
At the end of Whiting Woods Road, start through the locked gate and start climbing quickly. It's quite steep, so there are fewer mountain bikes that are common on other hikes on the Verdugos. The road starts off steeply, get used to it, this is the pace for most of this hike, although the lower mile is generally less steep than higher. There are many cross-country cutoffs that cut long switchbacks, shorten the return trip or make the incline steeper. When you arrive on the Verdugo motorway you have many options. Continuing straight will take you to an electronic website overlooking the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Basin. A short walk to the right is a bench if you want to rest and enjoy the view or just turn around and go back the way you came. Show more