Is Erza stronger than Natsu

Erza vs. Natsu

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P.O.V. Natsu

Happy and I walked down the long corridor from Route 'E'. "Do you really think we'll meet Erza?" my blue partner asked while he was flying next to me.

"Yes. 'E' clearly stands for Erza, and I can smell her." I giggled, to which Happy groaned in annoyance. "Was that a good idea. Maybe Gildarts use the same perfume?" said Happy with a grin.

We came to a big place. This was provided with a sign saying 'heavy fight'. "Natsu, well ..." said an all-too-familiar female voice.

The red-haired magician sat on a stone in the middle of the large room. "You see Happy, I was right!" I exclaimed enthusiastically, whereupon he shook his head uncomprehendingly.

"Natsu du Baka. You will lose. I'll pack our things for the trip home." the cat wailed. "You don't need that, Happy, I promise I will win."

"Don't be so sure, Natsu. I won't hold back against you." Erza stood in front of me. "I'm dying for it!" I smiled provocatively at her.

"Karyou no Hokou!" I roared and charged at her. She dodged my attack relaxed. "Don't be so stormy, Natsu." she explained to me and transformed her armor. She now wore one to reduce the damage caused by my fire attacks.

"Then I don't even have to hold back a little." I laughed and hit her again with a fire fist. She dodged once again and hit me with a sword, and I fell to the ground.

"Ahhh ..." I groaned painfully. "If you keep fighting like this, you will never win. Let alone get the S rank," she knelt down next to me. "Where is your iron fighting will Natsu, because otherwise I also know?" she asked me and raised an eyebrow.

I gritted my teeth. My jaw tightened. I'll never win like this. I'm too weak .... As weak as I was back in the sky tower.

The memories of that black day came back. How I couldn't protect her. How she almost died. My lucy Your funeral ...

I got up slowly. "I won't give up! Never again!" I yelled at Erza, who backed away in shock.

"I have to get stronger to protect my friends! I won't go through this again! I will defeat you Erza!" my body was shrouded in fire, my skin became flaky, and my eyes turned a dark red.

I gathered all my strength in one attack. The will, the strength, the love for Lucy and my family, Fairy Tail, gave me the strength I needed.

"Kayrou no .... Akugeki !!" I screamed and my wild flames filled the room. Erza had no chance to evade.

She let out a painful scream from her mouth before sinking to the floor. I could not believe it.

"Natsu ... you won ..." Happy stuttered stunned and looked at Erza, who was lying on the floor.

I really won. I had tried to defeat her for half my life and finally I made it. "Congratulations Natsu." the redhead tried to sit up.

She gave me an honest smile. "With this power you will be able to protect all your friends and become an S-rank magician."

Tears came to my eyes easily. I went to Erza to help her up. Together we walked down the long corridor to our camp, where the others should already be.

"Ohayo Minna!" I laughed at the others who looked at me in confusion. "What happened? Were you attacked or why is Erza so wounded?" Lucy asked, giving me an indefinable look.

"No, don't worry. Natsu and I fought." said the redhead and the others looked at us in shock.

"Don't tell me Erza is leaving ..." began Gray, stunned. "It's true. Natsu beat me." Erza admitted good-naturedly.

Gray's expression couldn't really be described. On the one hand shocked, stunned and incredulous, on the other hand also disappointed. He went farther away to sit on a being. What was the matter with him?

"I never thought my baka could win." Lucy almost jumped into my arms and kissed me. "Who did you fight against?" I asked my friend.

"Against Freed and Bixlow." she explained to me with a smile. "Whaaaas ?!" I was amazed.
"Juvia and Lisanna lost to Gildarts, Mest and Wendy to Gajeel and Levy. Elfmann and Evergreen won against Mira. And I think Gray and Loke had the peaceful route!" she told me enthusiastically. "Won against Mira ???" I exclaimed in shock.

She nodded, also slightly confused. "My children, the first test would be over. You have all proven yourself worthy of conquering the second." the old man was yelling again. That was slowly giving me a headache.

"The next task is to find the grave of the first master, Mavis Vermillion. I'll be waiting for you there. You have 6 hours!" he disappeared and just left us here.

"Come on Lucy !!" I heard Cana call and only saw her dragging my friend in one direction.

"Happy? We're on our way too!" I explained to my partner.

"Aye, sir!"


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