What is Gray Hat SEO Method

Gray Hat SEO

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO (in some cases also Gray Hat SEO) is a method of search engine optimization that is located between the rule-compliant White Hat SEO and the manipulative Black Hat SEO. Most of the measures taken are not (yet) prohibited, but are nonetheless of a questionable nature.

Gray Hat SEO: The gray area between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

If you want to understand what the term gray hat SEO means, you first have to deal with white hat and black hat SEO. All three areas fight with their methods for better rankings at the various search engine providers, yet they do it entirely different kind.

White Hat SEO adheres to the existing rules that have been set up by these providers and that you have to adhere to in order not to get into murky waters with your website.

Those who work according to Black Hat SEO methods consciously disregard these rules and look for ways to deceive or manipulate the numerous ranking factors.

Gray Hat SEO however identified Gaps and leeway within the set of rules in order to then consciously exploit them - until the rules of Google and Co. are redefined.

For the operators of websites, this means that from this point on, their Internet presence works with unfair means and as a result has to reckon with punishments up to and including exclusion from the index (as is the case with Black Hat SEO). Quite a number of SEO experts describe the gray hat methods as ethically questionable and see them as a preliminary stage of black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO vs. Gray Hat SEO

Basically, it can be said that Gray Hat SEO measures similar to those used in white hat SEO. Many SEOs and agencies work with them consciously or out of ignorance Methods of Gray Hat SEO.

In addition to the above-mentioned exploitation of loopholes, a website is also optimized according to white hat standards in gray hat SEO, but this in an exaggerated, pointed and almost exaggerated manner and by stretching the limits in your favor. The reason is clear: in this way, better results in the ranking can be achieved faster, at least in the short term.

However, you have to keep in mind that if you change rules or make specifications on the part of Google, you have to detoxify the relevant page again and again, otherwise the effect on the ranking will be negative. Depending on which methods you have used, this amounts to a complete re-optimization of the page. With white hat SEO, on the other hand, these constant adjustments to the set of rules are omitted, which means that the website is always very close to its optimal state.

What methods does Gray Hat SEO use?

As already described, sets Gray Hat SEO on the one hand in an exaggerated sense on white hat SEO measures and on the other hand on weakened black hat methods.

A good example of this is the artificial link building, which has its origins in Black Hat SEO. In gray hat SEO, it just isn't done in as inappropriately as it is in black hat SEO. He includes

  • Link purchases,
  • Link exchange programs,
  • excessive use of social media or even
  • Low-content guest articles with a single goal: to place links.

Another method is that Purchase of expired urls (Expired Domains) for the removal of backlinks or the establishment of Personal backlink networks (PBNs): With the latter, expired URLs are not bought, but own URLs are set up in order to generate backlinks to your own website.

Another popular Gray Hat SEO method is Spinned content (Low-content content that was only written for search engines and aims to attract visitors to the website).

Bridging pages with little contentwith high keyword density are in the same line. Also one excessive keyword density on your own website is part of Gray Hat SEO. There are also a number of CTR manipulations or the coordinated one Influencing recessions, with which the corresponding website is to be upgraded in the favor of the users.

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