What does NGL stand for

What does "ngl" mean? Definition and use


The Internet language has many abbreviations, one of which is "ngl". With us you can find out what the term exactly means and how you can use it yourself.

That means ngl

The abbreviation "ngl" is an English-language acronym. This means that each letter stands for its own word. Written out "ngl" stands for: Not gonna lie. That means something like "I don't want to lie". In another translation, it can also be translated as "No offense." understand.

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The abbreviation is used when you get into an uncomfortable situation in which you know that the truth may not necessarily be the most beautiful thing you can say to the other person, but it just has to be out. So that the honest words don't get across so hard, they can be weakened with "ngl".

In the rl you would say: "I'm sorry that I have to say that now, but I don't want to lie". The abbreviation is often used on the Internet under ironic comments in order to create a serious atmosphere and to share honest thoughts on the ironic context.

So you use ngl

For example, if you read a discussion on the Internet that deals with a virus outbreak in the form of memes and jokes and you are actually worried, you can comment with "Ngl, I'm really a little scared" and know the other commentators that they should take this news seriously.

The abbreviation can also be used when something is pulled down online and everyone is complaining about something and you comment: "Ngl, I didn't think the basic idea was that bad", so you express your opinion clearly, but are not unfriendly, but keep calm.

Examples of the use of ngl

  • Person A: "Ngl, the exam was really tough."
  • Person B: "Fml, I haven't even studied ..."
  • Person A: "How do you like your new mother-in-law?"
  • Person B: "Ngl, I don't think we're going to be best friends."

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