What does anthologist mean

What does "anthology series" mean? Meaning and use


You picked up the term "anthology series" and don't know what that is supposed to be? We'll tell you what's behind it and how you use it.

That means anthology series: series with disjointed episodes or seasons

The term "anthology series" denotes a series format in which each episode or season is independent in terms of content and has a different plot. The main theme or motif as well as the crew are retained.

Origin of anthology series

"Anthology series" is derived from the literary "anthologies". Originally Greek for "blossom picking", the term was already established in antiquity for a thematic collection of selected texts. A joint editor put together different narratives according to genre, author or motif.

In the fifties, the first large "anthology series" were produced based on this concept. "The Twilight Zone" and Co. followed successful radio broadcasts with this concept. Each episode had a different plot, but a general theme remained.

Examples of anthology series

Anthology series are still widespread and very popular today. Her special kind of narration ensures that you can bang her but you don't have to. The episodes or seasons can also be enjoyed in any order, depending on your mood, without nasty cliffhangers.

Examples of anthology series:

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