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Interesting facts and a forecast for the further course of the season

Inti Pestoni, on the other hand, is the bright spot for the Davos people. Six games, three goals and three assists speak for him. Pestoni is playing ice hockey again, which he had previously partially forgotten in Zurich. If the others are not doing well, then he plays all the better, as was the case in Ambri. The Ticino has been in the first line around Dino Wieser and Enzo Corvi since the first game. Without Pestoni, the HCD could possibly be found further down.

HockeyInfo forecast: This is what it will look like after 50 games

Most ice hockey platforms give their predictions before the season. That, of course, makes the most sense. But we turn the tables for once and have waited the first six laps until we give our forecast. According to the HockeyInfo editorial team, the ranking will look like this at the end of the season:

1. SC Bern

As usual, the Bernese are defensively solid and have a lot of offensive firepower. Jalonen's troop will be at the top again this year after the regular season.

2. HC Lugano

The Ticino people have been plagued by injuries over and over again in recent years. Almost everyone is fit again at the moment. Greg Ireland is spoiled for choice.

3. EHC Biel

The current table leader will not be at the top in the end, but a place in the top 3 like last year is undoubtedly possible.

4. ZSC Lions

The champions will improve from game to game under Serge Aubin and have learned from the mistakes against Langnau. Fredrik Pettersson, who has served his suspension, definitely did the team good in yesterday's win against Zug.

5th EV train

After a good start to the season with three wins from four games in the CHL and three wins at the start of the National League, Zug has now suffered three defeats. That shows that the team is vulnerable.

6th HC Lausanne

Lausanne has great potential and is defensively better under Ville Peltonen than last season. The playoff qualification will therefore not be a big problem for the Vaudois.

7. HC Friborg-Gottéron

Friborg has strengthened considerably in the summer. In addition, Sprunger, Bykov and co. At the moment there are no injuries, but one cannot expect the big exploit from the team.

8. SCL Tigers

The Tigers are the biggest surprise so far. They show not only defensive stability, but also offensive playfulness. Last year they had to hand over the last playoff place to Geneva, this year it's the Langnauer's turn.

9. HC Geneva-Servette

Chris McSorley will not be able to coach Geneva into the playoffs. Although there is now a new foreigner available with Jack Skille, the quality is barely enough.

10th HC Davos

Davos is without question in its most difficult season since the Del Curtos takeover. The team is too young and forfeited it with frivolous mistakes. The playoffs are a long way off, even if the players improve as the season progresses.

11th HC Ambri-Piotta

With Kubalik, Ambri has one of the best foreigners and Zwerger, one of the best players with a Swiss license, under contract. But scorer points are missing in the bottom six. The foreigners will not always be able to shoot Ambri to victory.

12. SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Rapperswil will not get past the last place after the ascent. The Lakers took their first win yesterday, but this will remain a rarity.