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medicineFaster cure by healthy psyche

Psychoneuroimmunology relies on holistic healing of the patient and promises faster wound healing and better chances in chronic diseases.

One of the core statements of psychoneuroimmunology is that wound healing can be significantly delayed by psychological stress. Healing a broken bone or wounds faster with psychotherapy is what doctor and psychotherapist Christian Schubert believes is possible. There are a number of results from scientific research in psychoneuroimmunology that show just that.

Up to a few weeks faster healing

As evidence of his testimony, Christian Schubert cites an experiment with dentistry students. They were inflicted with a small wound on the palate once during the semester break and once shortly before their first exam, the healing of which was observed with an internal camera. Result: The wounds healed faster during the semester break than before the exam.

"The stress of the exam delayed wound healing."
Christian Schubert, doctor and psychotherapist

If there is a chronic problem, explains Christian Schubert, this problem can contribute to a delay in wound healing. These can be emotionally relevant worries such as a serious marriage problem or family problems. In these cases, the doctor must ensure that the patient is relieved by additional psychotherapeutic treatment. The psychotherapist assumes that wound healing in severe psychological problems can be shortened by weeks through the additional treatment.

The country needs new doctors

Christian Schubert therefore calls for new doctors who have a new psychosomatic attitude with a holistic view of the patient. The doctor should understand that illness is not a purely biological process, but is embedded in psychosocial circumstances. "I would like a doctor who has an integrative view of the patient."

"Our brain can reach cancer cells directly in a variety of ways."
Christian Schubert, doctor and psychotherapist

Various sciences have since shown that cancer cells can be reached by nerve fibers and that there are synaptic connections to these cells. Thus, these are directly connected to our brain and thus to our psyche, social relationships and our social world, says Christian Schubert. When stressed, these nerve fibers fire and thereby activate cancer cells in the form of multiplication, metastisation and underflow of chemotherapy.

"Because of the view of people, conventional medicine works in many areas of medicine with regard to certain chronic diseases inadequately and there is no question of healing. We are talking about treatment here."
Christian Schubert, doctor and psychotherapist

In September 2016 Christian Schubert and Madelaine Amberger publish their book "What makes us sick - what heals us", which deals with psychoneuroimmunology.

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