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The washing machine market in America

White goods

by Dyfed Loesche,
Who would have thought that washing machines of all things would be one of the first goods to start an international trade war? Before leaving for the World Economic Forum in Davos, the President of the United States Donald Trump issued a decree imposing import duties on washing machines to be imported into America, initially of 20 percent. According to media reports, representatives of the American white goods manufacturer Whirlpool asked for protection against unpleasant competition from South Korea.

As the infographic based on data from our survey shows, Whirlpool and its sub-brands meanwhile have a market share of around 46 percent, with the competition from South Korea (LG and Samsung combined) accounting for 18 percent. The Chinese manufacturer Haier is likely to have a better standing by purchasing the long-established American brand GE Appliances and offers less target. It is astonishing that American and Chinese producers are de facto cooperation partners through the Hotpoint brand. In Europe the brand is owned by Whirlpool, while in the US it is owned by Haier.