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Build in wall

The subsequent installation of a wall

Whether just bought or lived in for years. The room layout of a house or apartment does not always correspond to the ideas or the new needs. In order to turn one large room into two, a wall has to be installed afterwards. There are two options here. Once in dry construction, with walls made of plasterboard or plasterboard. On the other hand, with a little manual skill, as a classic wall construction. The renovator can build such a partition himself. Because static specifications for load transfer are not required of such walls.

Retrofitting the wall: find a craftsman

Retrofitting the wall: Finding the right craftsman If you are not very skilled in your craft, it is better to hire drywall builders, interior design companies or bricklayers to build studs or masonry walls. But there is one major problem with that. Countless companies offer their ...

Partition wall

Brick partition wall It is not always easy to draw a wall in a professional manner. It takes care and some skill. Everywhere where a spatial division is useful or desired, interior walls can be bricked up. Tip: Aerated concrete walls are ideal here because they are ...

Partition wall in drywall

Partition wall made of plasterboard or gypsum fiber boards This form of partition wall consists of a framework that is filled with insulation and then closed with plasterboard or plasterboard. Plasterboard consists of plaster of paris with a cardboard cover on both sides. The plates get their stability through the ...

Partition wall: solid construction or drywall?

Building a partition wall in the house: solid construction (e.g. aerated concrete) or drywall? If you want to erect a partition wall in the house, you have two options: you can make the room divider as a solid wall, or you can opt for a drywall construction. The following are the ...

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