How many wheels does an airplane have?

Does an airplane have ABS brakes like a car?


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Does an airplane have ABS brakes like a car?

Giselda from Südlohn would like to know that.

If the main landing gear of an aircraft arrives on the ground after a load, depending on the aircraft type, speed brakes are applied automatically or manually. They are attached to the top of the wings. These valves are called "speed brakes". In flight they support turning. After landing, they are called spoilers because they not only offer resistance to the wind, but also interfere with the still existing lift. This gives the aircraft more grip and the brakes get down to business more quickly.

Usually each main landing gear tire has its own disc brake. For example, a Boeing 747 has 16 main landing gear wheels with 16 disc brakes.

Each of these disc brakes consists of a whole package of discs, so to speak of many disc brakes on top of each other. If you press the entire set of discs together hydraulically, one disc rubs against the other. The force of the driving energy is converted into simple heat in these panes.

The anti-lock braking system of cars is also used in aviation. It prevents the wheels from locking when braking. By the way, this so-called anti-skid system had existed in aircraft long before it was also installed in cars.

The ABS in the car ensures that the driver has the opportunity to steer past an obstacle even if the brakes are hard. In contrast, the anti-skid system on airplanes is supposed to prevent the rubber of the tires from wearing out too quickly.

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