Are VoIP phones healthier than landlines?

Telecom connection only with VoIP: Tips for customers

Consumer complaints show that the switch from analog to digital does not always go smoothly. In this context, we provide answers to frequently asked questions:

I received a letter or call from a call center. I should change my connection and sign a new contract. Am I obliged to do so?

No, as long as you do not receive a letter of termination from Telekom, you do not need to do anything if you do not want to. Sooner or later, however, you will find a notice of termination in your mailbox. But you can try to delay the timing as long as possible.

Can Telekom just give me notice?

In principle, Telekom may terminate the contracts with its customers in accordance with the contractual agreements (GTC). As part of the so-called universal service obligation, Telekom is obliged to offer you a standard telephone connection. However, it is not required by law that this must be an analog connection.

Are there alternatives to Telekom?

It depends on where you live exactly. If other telephone providers are available at your address, you can of course switch. But you have to know: the other providers also only offer connections with IP telephony.

Is the new contract more expensive?

The new prices are comparable to the old ones, but often a little more expensive. If you're lucky, you can get more bandwidth for the previous price. ISDN customers who previously had to pay a surcharge for multiple phone numbers get away cheaper. However, Telekom aggressively advertises combination packages, for example with mobile telephony or television, which then ultimately cost more.

Now is the voice quality worse when making calls?

The voice quality over the All-IP networks can be as good as usual. It could even improve. Prerequisite: Both parties make calls via IP, both companies support this standard and they also use special HD telephones based on the G.722 standard.

Do I have to expect more downtime?

If there is a power failure in the house, the phone will no longer work, unlike before. And when the Internet is disrupted, phone calls are no longer possible. But there is no telephone company that contractually guarantees 100 percent availability.

According to Telekom, I need a new router. Is that correct?

The conversion to IP telephony requires the so-called Annex-J standard. The frequency range that was reserved for analog or ISDN telephony is now also used for the DSL signal. However, older routers cannot handle this newer standard. If you are not sure, you should therefore inquire whether the old router can still be used.

Should I rent or buy a router?

Telekom usually offers rental equipment. However, you can also buy a router from Telekom or in the open market. If you calculate the rental costs over the two-year minimum contract period, then buying is often an alternative. The advantage of renting a device: if the device does not work or is defective, the provider must pay for the repair or replacement even after the warranty period of two years has expired.

Can existing alarm systems or house emergency calls continue to be operated?

If you have previously been using an alarm system or a house emergency call via the Telekom telephone connection, you should contact the provider of this special service immediately. You need to clarify whether these services continue to work over IP. In many cases, the systems fail after the changeover.

I only have a normal analog telephone connection. Do I have to pay attention to something?

In the case of purely analog telephone connections with only one phone number, nothing needs to be changed. The change here is carried out by Telekom in the exchange. According to Telekom, the emergency call systems via these pure analog connections should still work in the exchange after the switch to IP.