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Still speaks Hardly anyone in Germany is open about their own salary. The topic is important for many people, be it with the Career planning, the professional Reorientation or just off curiosity. If workers have no idea how they compare to others, they also don't know whether they are appropriately rewarded become. The result is uncertainty in the job interview and in the salary negotiation: How much can you ask without selling yourself below value or not getting the job because the demands are too high?

Do you earn enough? We'll give you the answer

Our free and scientifically based Salary comparison helps you with a wide variety of salary issues and life situations:

  • How much do other people in your position earn?
  • How much can you ask for in your next salary negotiation?
  • What salary expectations can you state in your application?
  • What do you earn in the new location when you have moved?

Based on a questionnaire with seven simple steps, the Salary Check provides answers to these important questions. By the way: Our data on wages and salaries is always Gross salarybecause that Net salary depends on a number of other personal factors and consequently there is no comparability here. You can simply have your net earnings calculated using our gross-net calculator.

Salary comparison for your current job

Is this salary for your current job in a market comparison appropriate? See how much other people with a similar professional profile earn and find out what you can ask for in the next salary negotiation.

Salary comparison for recruiters or headhunters

Are you a HR manager or headhunter looking for reliable data? Compensation Partner is our compensation platform for companies that offers tailor-made salary information as well as analyzes and salary studies.

To the Compensation Partner offer.

Knowing your personal market value has its advantages

With a professional Salary analysiswhich takes into account all factors influencing the salary, you can have your personal market value determined. The knowledge from our salary comparison gives you the necessary security in your next salary negotiation. Use our salary analysis before your next interview. Because good preparation pays off and that Chances of a raise rise significantly.

Anyone who applies for a new job, whether at the start of their career or with professional experience, is often asked to include their application in their cover letter salary expectations to specify. The salary issue is taken up at the latest in a personal conversation. In order to know how high your claim may be, you should first get an overview of an appropriate salary statement. If the job change is accompanied by a change of residence, a salary comparison can show which region is better paid.

Salary Comparison - The amount of income depends on many factors

There are numerous factors to consider when comparing salaries. Anyone who does not do this compares apples with pears. Because the differences between different activities and even within one profession enormously his and thus also the Merit. In order to ensure that our salary check only compares salaries that are also comparable, we collect some information in our questionnaire that classifies the specified occupation.

Various factors influence the amount of the salary. Important influencing factors are:

  • Industry of the employer: So z. B. in sectors such as the automotive industry, in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, paid significantly better than in tourism or gastronomy.
  • Size of employer: In most cases the salaries in large corporations are significantly higher than those in small companies.
  • Employer's region: From a regional perspective, people generally earn better in the west than in the east, better in the south than in the north, and better in the city than in the country.
  • Personal qualification: The time and money invested in one's own training are usually also noticeable in income. The salary of an employee with a master’s degree is usually higher than that of a bachelor’s graduate. Even in the non-academic area, every further training not only increases one's own qualifications, but also potentially increases earnings.
  • work experience: Work experience also plays a decisive role. Because experience only comes with time - and is usually financially rewarded.
  • responsibility: Regardless of whether it is personnel responsibility, budget responsibility or even sales responsibility - the saying “a lot helps a lot” applies here. Because more responsibility usually leads to a higher salary.