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Great Britain city trip: Vacation in fascinating London

There was a time when London was the largest city in the world. The city on the Thames with Big Ben, the London Eye and the Tower with its famous bridge is still fascinating today. A City break to Great Britain and especially to London everyone must have made once in a lifetime, especially with the good flight connections. Not only the Queen has her home here in Buckingham Palace, but also Madame Tussauds with its impressive wax museum. Freethinkers of our time meet in Hyde Park and tennis is played at Wimbledon. London is an extraordinary city of musicals, Soho is bustling with nightlife on a short break in Great Britain and the British Museum is home to archaeological wonders. Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus are a long way from ending the list of must-see sights for city retirees with a flight to Great Britain or a weekend in Great Britain.

The UK outside the capital is worth seeing!

Other destinations for city trips to Great Britain are above all Liverpool and Manchester. Going down in the history books as working-class towns, you'll find exciting buildings and vibrant streets here on a vacation in Great Britain. Here you can relive the history of the Beatles on city trips to Great Britain by flight and hotel, where two of the best football teams in Europe play face-to-face. A short detour to Edinburgh opens the door to the Scottish Highlands with its never-ending stretches of land when you book your flight and hotel in Great Britain. If that's not enough for you, you can try the typical British way of life in Sheffield, Newcastle or Birmingham.

Offers for a short break in the UK

Great deals on flights to Great Britain

 daterouteAirlinePrice p.p.
119.06. - 20.06.2021 Berlin-LondonRyanair
218.06. - 22.06.2021 Frankfurt-London Ryanair
318.06. - 22.06.2021 Rooster London Ryanair
424.06. - 29.06.2021 Cologne-London Ryanair
524.06. - 29.06.2021 Hamburg-London Ryanair
624.06. - 29.06.2021 Lubeck-London Ryanair
725.06. - 27.06.2021 Munich-LondonBlue Air
822.06. - 30.06.2021 Weeze London Ryanair
916.03. - 21.03.2022 Stuttgart-London easyJet
1009.08. - 11.08.2021 Hanover-LondonVueling Airlines

1. Nightlife Great Britain

The English capital, London, of course, offers the most extensive options for going out and also a colorful, diverse nightlife. The Soho district with the small streets around Old Compton Street is popular for night strolls. In fact, on short trips to Great Britain, there are pubs, bars, pubs and clubs all over the city, such as the Play Room, a popular swing and jazz club. The second largest British city, Birmingham, also offers a colorful nightlife in the city on a short trip to Great Britain. A lot of live jazz is offered here and there are numerous trendy bars and trendy clubs.

2. Food UK

British cuisine is better than it is reputed to be. Traditionally, a short trip to the UK has lots of roasts, vegetables and fried potatoes. Fish is a signature dish across the UK. The many different pies and British roast beef are extremely tasty. Shepherd's Pie is a specialty that has become an indispensable part of the menu in pubs. But the traditional dishes in Great Britain have long since ceased to exist. Especially in London, with its multicultural flair, there are many influences from Indian and Chinese cuisine. And dishes from other countries are also on the menus in London restaurants when you are on holiday in Great Britain.

3. Shopping UK

For a big shopping spree in Great Britain, London is once again number one, where many trendy designers have settled. The large Harrods shopping center is also worth experiencing, even if you don't want to shop there. However, the temptation is hard to resist on a city break in the UK. Elegant fashion is particularly offered at Harvey Nichols. The main shopping street in London is Oxford Street with the Selfridges department store and hundreds of shops. There are also numerous lesser-known but very interesting fashion labels here. When booking from Great Britain by flight and hotel, payment is made in British pounds or credit card.

4. Climate Great Britain

The UK's climate is temperate. That means the summers are comparatively cool and the winters are mild and have a lot of rainfall. Overall, the UK skies are cloudy 50% of the year. Still, the UK climate is not as bad as its reputation. Many other cities in Europe have more rainfall than London and the nearby Gulf Stream ensures mild temperatures in many regions even in winter. Especially in the south, as in the popular seaside resort of Brighton, very high temperatures can be reached in summer. Ideal for a day on the beaches of England.

Top sights

  • Big Ben
  • Tower bridge
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Stonehenge
  • Peak District National Park

All you need to know about your United Kingdom city break

  • City of London information center
  • St. Paul's Churchyard
  • EC4M 8BX London
  • Tel. +44 (0) 20 7332 1456

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