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No more menstrual pain: discover the world's first now

Do you have menstrual pain? Then, you're not alone. Menstrual pain is an uncomfortable fact that affects more than 60% of all women. Symptoms such as pelvic pain, headache, nausea, cramps and back pain mainly occur on the first day of the rainy bleeding. To reject the uterine lining, the muscle tissue in the uterus contracts like a spasm. This contraction is almost always the cause of menstrual pain. Some women experience severe blood loss and have menstrual pain around ovulation.


There is now a world first, thanks to this period pains can go away without taking pain medication. Allay is a medical product and delivers gentle electrical impulses that work deep in the abdomen, where the cycle problems arise. It works without any pharmaceutical ingredients - purely on a physical basis. You will not even notice the electrical impulses of the device.

With 1000 gentle electrical impulses per second, Allay stimulates blood circulation deep in the tissue. Allay has an antispasmodic effect on the muscle layers of the lower abdomen and thus reduces menstrual tension pains. It is important that Allay is put on at the first signs of the upcoming period. You can do this very easily by switching on the cable ring on the module and inserting it into the pocket provided. Then place the bag in your panties or with the tights against your lower abdomen. Wear Allay around the clock, 24 hours a day, until your discomfort subsides. Then switch off Allay and keep it until your next period. Allay is reusable as it can be switched on and off and can thus be used for approx. 10 periods. With an operating time of 720 hours - this corresponds to 30 days - about 10 periods can be withstood.

Thanks to the 10 fabric pockets included in the pack, Allay can be attached to your underwear in a new and hygienic manner for each period.

Allay has a clinically tested mode of action and was developed in America by Prof. Kenneth McLeod in over 10 years of research in New York. For this, the manufacturer received the award for the most innovative product from the New York Wall Street Journal.

Allay is safe to use for diabetics, those with arthritis and those with impaired kidney function. There are no known interactions with other drugs. In general, there are no known side effects and should also be used overnight.


Warning: Allay must not be used by pregnant women.

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Information status: 02/2018