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Online banking

With online banking, all daily banking processes can be done digitally. The spectrum ranges from information about the account balance and account movements to the execution of transfers to the establishment of standing orders or SEPA mandates. In the private sector, a web-based solution that runs on the bank's server is usually used. In the business area, a banking solution is installed and used on the PC.

Software costs

The banks usually charge a price for their software packages. This is certainly justified, especially because the accounts of other banks can also be processed through it, so the company only ever needs one software. But since your house bank also has an interest in your accounting work digitally, price concessions are possible.

In the past, it was common to transfer the file with the payment orders to the bank as a data medium transfer on a floppy disk and later on a USP stick. This was already replaced a few years ago by the transmission in the network and ultimately by the transmission with the help of the banking software. A payment file is generated from the financial accounting application, which is imported into the online banking system. The actual transfer file is then created there and sent to the bank. The banking software thus acts as an interface between the IT application and the bank.

Automatic posting

Account movements are also available to the user in online banking. They are digitally available and could be processed digitally. More and more applications in the financial accounting area offer the possibility of digitally integrating bank movements. The prerequisite for this is that there is an integration file with a defined structure. The SWIFT standard for account statements MT940 is usually used for this. However, other standards are also possible. This file is generated from online banking and processed in the IT application. So that this can happen as automatically as possible, the necessary information, e.g. B. be available for the paid invoice, the credit number or the internal order number. The proportion of movements that are actually automatically booked and not stored in the error file is regularly improved by learning algorithms.

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