Should I see Avengers Endgame

Do you have to watch "Captain Marvel" to understand "Avengers 4: Endgame"?

It is already clear in the after-credit scene of “Avengers: Infinity War”: Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will play a major role in the fourth “Avengers” film. In the end, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) just managed to contact the powerful superhero before he was gone with the wind. In “Captain Marvel”, which starts in cinemas in this country on March 7, 2019, we get to know the newest MCU member for the first time. And at the same time, her solo adventure is the last film before "Avengers: Endgame" finally starts on April 25, 2019.

Those viewers who don't run into every Marvel blockbuster, but definitely in "Avengers 4", may now ask themselves a question: "Do I have to know 'Captain Marvel' to understand 'Avengers'?" We'll give you the answer.

Of course we haven't seen the biggest blockbuster of the year next to “Star Wars 9” almost two months before the cinema release and we are puzzling ourselves what could happen in it. But as already mentioned at the beginning of the text, Carol Danvers will definitely have a significant influence on his plot and probably also the outcome, after all, Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige has already confirmed that she is the most powerful heroine in the MCU - even more powerful than top villain Thanos. And after "Avengers 4" she should take over the leading role in Disney's superhero universe.

Captain Marvel is more powerful than Thanos

So it will definitely not hurt to know the woman played by Brie Larson in a red, blue and gold combat outfit, who suddenly comes to the aid of the heroes we have known for a long time. It cannot be assumed that more than a handful of explanatory sentences will be devoted to her background story in “Endgame”After all, all of this is now, just a few weeks before the "Avengers" movie release, explained in detail in "Captain Marvel". And at the new big heroes' summit there is finally enough other things to do than spend a long time with biographies.

On the other hand, Disney certainly doesn't want to risk the paying moviegoers suddenly having their brains ache because they have no idea what is going on, having previously skipped a movie. Therefore, there will certainly be the few sentences mentioned to explain it. After all, even the living Captain America (Chris Evans), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Co. don't know who they are looking at and should therefore certainly ask Carol Danvers one or the other question.

If you really want to understand every allusion and every gag in "Endgame", you will not be able to avoid watching the current Marvel blockbuster in the cinema. But if you are mainly interested in the fight of the established heroes against Thanos, you can also save the money - That will in no way reduce the fun of the fourth “Avengers” film. In our FILMSTARTS review, we'll explain in detail whether "Captain Marvel" is worth it at all:

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