Can block coal radiation

Our thyroid needs iodine to produce vital thyroid hormones. The iodine required is found in nature. Our thyroid gland constantly absorbs iodine from the air we breathe, from food and drinks. This natural iodine is not radioactive.

In the operation of a nuclear power plant, nuclear fission also produces radioactive iodine in addition to other radioactive and non-radioactive substances. In the event of an accident, radioactive iodine can be released. Radioactive iodine basically has the same properties as natural iodine. It is therefore absorbed by the body like natural iodine and stored in the thyroid gland. But this is a disadvantage: the radiation emitted by radioactive iodine can increase the likelihood of thyroid cancer, especially in children and adolescents.

However, if tablets with a high concentration of non-radioactive iodine are taken in good time, the thyroid gland becomes so saturated with this "healthy" iodine and can no longer absorb radioactive iodine. This "iodine blockade" prevents radioactive iodine from being stored in the thyroid. It is important that iodine tablets are taken at the right time so that they work optimally.

Effectiveness of iodine blockade - Chernobyl / iodine blockade carried out in Poland

The Chernobyl reactor accident was the only accident in a nuclear power plant that required an iodine blockade to protect the population. In Poland, whose population was particularly affected by the passage of the radioactive cloud, it was decided to distribute non-radioactive iodine - especially to children. 10.5 million children and 7 million adults have been treated with iodine. The positive effect of the iodine blockade was confirmed by follow-up examinations. There was no increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer in the treated subjects. In Belarus, on the other hand - where no iodine blockade was carried out - after the Chernobyl disaster, thyroid cancer, which is otherwise extremely rare, unfortunately occurred a hundred times more often in children.

On the following pages, you can read when the right time is, and how and where you can get the iodine tablets and which instructions are to be followed for taking them.

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