What is the exam date for UPES

Examination dates in the summer semester 2021

Important note: Due to the special effort involved in organizing the exams, there will be no additional exam dates at the end of the academic year in the 2020 summer semester. For each module of the assessment phase, there will be only one examination date in the lecture-free period from July 20, 2020. All students of the economics courses have already been informed about this by e-mail.


From the summer semester 2019, there will be a third examination date for a large part of the modules in the assessment phase at the end of each academic year. The faculty offers a total of three examination phases for these modules: one in February, one in July / August and an additional one in September. A separate registration via PAUL is required for the additional examination dates. The registration period for the additional exam date will be at the end of August / beginning of September, the additional exams will be written in the middle / end of September. The specific registration and examination times will be published in the course of the summer semester.

Please note that you have to register explicitly for the exam, unlike the regular modules of the Faculty of Business and Economics. You know this procedure from the registration for Maths I / II for WiWis:

  1. Log in to PAUL
  2. Select the "Studies" tile
  3. "Exam Administration"
  4. "Exam registration"
  5. register for the exam

If you miss this login window, there is no way that you will be logged in later. If you have never registered for the modules before, you will also not be able to take part in this additional date.

The module M.184.1103 Introduction to Economics is a special feature. Here, too, there are three examination dates in the course of an academic year. However, these are distributed as follows: December, February and July / August.

You have to expect that the exams in the additional phase in September will be tightly timed. It can therefore be the case that several exams take place in one day. There will be no time overlaps.

The faculty recommends attending the early examination dates (July / August phase) as possible and, based on the results, deciding whether to take the additional examination dates (September phase).