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Not only personalities from show business have strange habits, they are also widespread in the business world. Numerous leaders maintain rituals that make some frown. As nonsensical as these habits may seem at first glance, they usually have a reason.

A well-known singer is said to insist on always having M & Ms of a certain color ready in her dressing room before a concert. There is also a rational justification behind this absurd requirement: In this way, the reliability of the people who are responsible for planning the smooth process at the respective location can be checked. If you do not follow this simple requirement, there is a good chance that other mistakes have been made in the organization. The M & Ms serve as an indication of whether the contractually agreed points have been followed by those responsible at the concert location.

Various successful business people have special habits as well. Steve Jobs is just one example of a famous CEO who pursued unconventional business practices. Here are five examples of the habits of successful entrepreneurs that fall outside the box:

1) You think backwards. They achieve a goal by starting at the finish line. As with scientists, the desired result is defined first. In the opposite direction, the steps that are necessary to achieve the defined goal are then designed.

2) They repeat themselves. Once a success has been achieved, it will benefit as much as possible. So successful people try to find ways to reproduce a success they have achieved. For example, the same success strategy is applied to a new item with the hope that a profit can be made there too.

3) You take the shortest route. If one path leads to success, these results should be repeated. However, this should be done faster, easier and cheaper the second time. Managers are always oriented towards optimization, while at the same time care must be taken to ensure that the quality does not suffer any loss.

4) You give up. A leader always keeps an eye out for things that don't work. As soon as something is identified that consumes resources but does not promise any benefit, that is changed.

5) You say “no” more often than “yes”. Successful business people have to constantly say "no": to everything that does not support the promising opportunity on which the focus is currently. This is the only way you can concentrate all your energy on one thing without being distracted. For example, if the goal is to grow giant pumpkins, engaging in growing giant zucchini at the same time is just a distraction.

So it doesn't have to be a bad sign if someone dares to break convention. On the contrary: it may even be an important step on the way to a successful career.

Source: themuse.com

Author: Nora Schenker