Is there an anime like magicians

Anime about a guy who goes to a magic school but has no magic

This can The Irregular at Magic High School . From Wikipedia:

The story takes place in an alternate story where magic exists and is polished by modern technology. It follows Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, siblings who care for the First High Magic High School Sign in. While keeping their ties to the infamous Yotsuba clan a secret, they try to live their daily life in peace wherever Tatsuya is shunned because of his apparent ineptitude and Miyuki is recognized for her magical abilities.

He doesn't wear gloves that I remember, but in the first episode, other students argue with him (and predictably lose; he has more to offer than you think).

One of the big themes of the show is that the students are divided into the first course (magically competent) and the second course (magically poor) and that there is a lot of friction between the two groups ("flowers" and "weeds"). This is reflected in the image below, where Miyuke wears a flower emblem in a rectangle on the upper arm of her uniform, while Tatsuya's upper arm has an empty rectangle instead.


Thanks, but that's not it. I learned that at some point the guy was holding a girl and she said he wasn't going to hit a girl and hit one who came up to him from behind. He doesn't use any kind of magic at all. (but that looks good tbh)

Mischa R.

@Christopher Well come on it's anime, he'll probably get powers sooner or later :) Find out that his grandfather was the wizard of all wizards. Or someone is playing with their sexual tension love interest and they go into power unlock rage mode and set everything on fire.


On this show, the character who best fits the bill is still using magic. He only uses incredibly powerful magic that limits his ability to perform more mundane magic that most other students use at their skill level. This does not match the description of OP if the description of OP is correct. All students in this school must also be capable of magic ... at least insofar as magic exists in this world.


To be honest, all of these anime look great. Saw the irregular and was great. But that's all the information I was given, and the bastard didn't even know the name, so I went looking for it