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How to open Warzone's Nakatomi Plaza vault and complete season three side missions

The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update is in full swing and players will want to check out the new Nakatomi Plaza POV. Everything you need to know to open the Nakatomi Plaza vault can be found here.

The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Update has a lot of new content for players to immerse themselves in. The headliners of the new update are Rambo and John Mclane, both of whom can be unlocked via the Action Heroes bundle of the 80s. Verdansk has also seen some changes, adding new POIs based on the movies Rambo and Die Hard.

In addition to the numerous Rambo POW camps hidden on the map, there is also the legendary Nakatomi Plaza. The massive skyscraper stands 490 feet tall and has replaced the game Broadcast Tower, which provides Die Hard fans with an exciting place to let off steam when they get downtown.


However, Nakatomi Plaza also hides a hidden vault that can make huge sums of money when you get all three vault key cards.

Nakatomi Plaza side missions in Warzone Season 3

Activision / Treyarch There are a total of three side missions at Nakatomi Plaza.

To open the Nakatomi Plaza vault, you must first complete three side missions. The Nakatomi side missions are as follows:

  • Unfinished Business: Open three boxes.
  • Enemy Fire: Find and disarm all C4 locations.
  • Deal Gone Wrong: Eliminate waves of enemies.
  • How to Complete Warzone Unfinished Business: Vault Keycard 1

    Activision Start one of the contracts and open the three boxes.

    The mission “Unfinished Business” can be started by picking up one of the three contracts scattered around Nakatomi Plaza. Once you have successfully completed the contract, you will need to open three boxes.

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    This may seem straightforward at first, but many players will also try to make this contract. The three boxes are in the Nakatomi Plaza. When you reach the third box, you will be rewarded with the Vault Key Card 1.


    How to exit Warzone Hostile Fire: Vault Keycard 2

    The Activision Vault Keycard 2 can is located on the roof of the Nakatomi Plaza.

    In homage to Hans Gruber's insidious attempt to blow up Nakatomi Plaza, players must find and disarm four C4 explosives. These devices are located on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza. Just take one of the zippers to the top of the building and begin deactivating.

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    It's often best to complete this challenge first, as other players will often try to kill you when trying to defuse the explosives. Just drop onto the roof of Nakatomi Plaza and make sure you deal with pesky gamers before starting the mission.

    The event will also spawn a helicopter trying to stop you from spreading the devices. So either destroy it with a launcher or run the cold-blooded bonus. Upon completing the mission, you will be rewarded with Vault Keycard 2.


    How to complete the Warzone deal that went wrong: Vault Keycard 3

    The Activision Vault Keycard 3 is located in the parking lot of the Nakatomi Plaza.

    To complete the Deal Gone Wrong mission, you will need to make your way to the parking lot. This place is located at the very bottom of Nakatomi Plaza and is accessible from outside the building.

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    Once inside, just run to the white truck and interact with the devices on the table. This creates two waves of AI enemies, the last of which contains a Juggernaut enemy that you must defeat to get Vault Keycard 3.

    How to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault

    Activision Once you've got all the bucks, you want to get out quick.

    If you want to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault to get all of the extras it contains, just follow the instructions below:


  • Land in Nakatomi Square.
  • Complete one of the three side missions to receive a Vault Key Card.
  • Go to the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Interact with the black box with the four TV screens.
  • Open the three lockers with each of the three safe key cards.
  • When you've got all of the money inside, just run out of the building and to the nearest buying station to purchase the loads, killstreaks, and items you want.

    Now that you know how to complete all three Nakatomi side missions and open the Nakatomi Vault, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! Check out our Call of Duty page for the latest news and updates.