How do you say epic in Mandarin


Now it's getting EPIC: The Southside EPIC TICKET!

The ticket of all tickets, the babo of all billets, the end boss of all access authorizations: grab the Southside EPIC TICKET!
Have you already bought a Southside ticket in our shop? Then you now have the chance to upgrade to an EPIC TICKET! We are giving away 10 extra packs to all the horny guys who have bought or will buy tickets in our webshop at by April 8th, which includes:

1. An upgrade for the Southside Resort for at least two, but a maximum of as many people as in your ticket order
2. A shopping voucher for € 100 for the ALDI SOUTH-Festival supermarket on the premises
3. A € 50 voucher for our food trucks and beverage stands
4. A Southside tracksuit
5. A Ferris wheel flat rate for two
6. Two ribbons for the fancy Southside Club Lounge
7. One Gold bucket-Flatrate
8. 2 tickets for Southside 2020

This also means: if you don't have a ticket yet, you should have it done quickly by April 8th, because then you will also be in the lottery as soon as you register here with your booking number >>