Can predict the baby's gender

Boy or girl - do I want to know?

How nice, I thought. But what kind of one? One that asks me very private things from woman to woman? Or one to whom I have to explain in the distant future that not all girls are stupid and that mom is one too, somehow, and after all he loves mom too.

My problem was: no feeling. Not in the stomach, not in the head. Some women supposedly know what it will be like immediately after the pregnancy test without any technology. But let's be honest: With a hit probability of 50 percent, the chances are not bad. And after the birth, if it turns out that the lady has betrayed her feelings, the whole thing is not discussed any further. And all pink and blue bodysuits quietly and secretly donated to the baby of the sister-in-law.

To be surprised was not an option for me. I would have had no problem with it on the day of the birth. I shouldn't have had to wait 33 weeks before then. 33 weeks in which I would have to say "it" and green-beige-white would be the color of the romper choice. Without me!

I had to fill this emptiness with the data of the most advanced medical devices. Unfortunately, even the finest ultrasound in the 11th week of pregnancy did not dare to make a prognosis. Tech-savvy, as I was, I didn't give a damn about belly shape oracles and nausea myths. In the 17th week of pregnancy I was certain: I will find out at today's appointment! Today my future is decided. That's what it was about. Boy mum: constantly in the sights of a plastic pistol and at the same time the best locomotive cake baker in the world or girl mum, so best friend with her own offspring and beaming happily on the pony pasture, thinking about her own childhood. I had to prepare for that!

In the 21st week of pregnancy I was redeemed: my future was supposed to dance around the horse stable in little skirts and giggle with me and put on make-up for the first time. Definitely female.

My future now riot in the evening like a Viking after a battle has been won and would scare away every pony foal with its dirty laugh. Definitely a girl!


No, I don't want to know the gender, says Julia Schulters

Actually, tension isn't my thing at all. I read the six-week preview of my favorite soap on the Internet and even fast-forward to the "Traumschiff" in the ZDF media library to make sure that the kidnapped koala bear will be rescued from the hands of the unscrupulous animal catchers in the end.