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Ultimate ball stretcher

By stretching with our Ultimate ball stretcher "Your best friend" becomes harder, tighter, very tense and sensitive to touch.

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Conventional ball stretchers made of leather or steel pull the testicles down due to their weight and / or size.

We have equipped our "all-in-one" ball stretcher with two rings that grip the scrotum (above your testicles). The integrated threaded spindle enables the scrotum to be easily stretched up to 70 mm. MEO’s ball stretcher, the Rolls-Royce among the ball stretchers, is convincing - no ifs or buts. Practicality, flexibility and comfort are the pillars of this convincing design.

Stretching makes your best friend harder, tighter, very tense and sensitive to touch.

Our ball stretcher is quick to put on thanks to the folding ring and easy to lock with a knurled screw. Inner diameter 30 mm,

The advantages at a glance:

  • easy to put on, no long fiddling around like with other stretchers
  • no tools such as an Allen key required
  • quick to put on / quick to take off (even by clumsy partners)
  • Degree of stretch individually adjustable up to 70 mm
  • Maximum pleasure for a reasonable price
  • Hygienic, anti-allergenic stainless steel (easy to clean)
  • 2 year MEO quality guarantee
  • Introductory price



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