What is ABBA's assets

Arafat's net worth is $ 900 million

Is the Palestinian First Lady going on a bargain hunt in Paris with EU taxpayers' money? Ms. Suha Arafat lives as a single mother in the Paris luxury hotel "Bristol". She receives $ 100,000 a month, revealed the US television channel CBS: From the public purse of the Palestinian Autonomy (PA). EU funds are also flowing into them.

New methods are becoming known to circumvent the strict controls. Budget money goes to ministries according to budget, but the Ministry of Sports transferred $ 50,000 a month to families of fallen Intifada fighters. Sport Minister Abdel Fatah Chamail admitted it to the British broadcaster BBC: "No more than 250 dollars a month per family."

Autonomous President Yasser Arafat has more: the state treasury spent $ 74 million last year on spending on the presidential seat. That's eight percent of the Palestinian budget. According to the calculations of Fayad's ex-colleagues in the International Monetary Fund, $ 900 million was collected in Arafat's private box.

Arafat's keeping public money in private accounts is a holdover from his underground days. He can hardly be blamed for an expensive lifestyle. He sleeps on a mattress in the battered Mukata office. This makes the question all the more urgent: where is the money going? Ex-Prime Minister Mahmud Abbas tried to answer in his balance sheet: Before the Fatah leadership he complained that Arafat was paying the salaries of tens of thousands of police officers under him in addition to the salaries of his helpers in the official seat. This is how Arafat creates dependencies. Not from the state, but from it personally.

Arafat withholds taxes of 15 percent from these wages. Abbas: "I don't know where these taxes are going."

Mohammed Raschid, Arafat's disgraced ex-financial advisor, is hiding: "I feel threatened." Not because the corruption allegations are mounting against Raschid, but because he wants to unpack.

Rasheed lives underground. Arafat finances underground. Although he has little to hide from the Israeli government. Sharon's head of the firm, Dov Weisglas, knows a client named Raschid from his time as a top attorney. And the gray financial eminence invested well, the newspaper "Ha'aretz" knew: Eight million dollars were invested in the high-risk fund Evergreen III in Israel. "We have no problem with PA funds," said Evergreen. Israel transfers over $ 20 million a month. They are not held back after a terrorist attack.

And how does the EU react? It supports the Palestinian territories through humanitarian projects and economic aid with 150 to 200 million euros annually. In addition, until autumn last year, ten million euros per month from the EU budget flowed directly to the Palestinian Authority. However, after the EU Commission had come under massive criticism for supporting terrorism with its payments to the Arafat authority, and after the EU Parliament threatened to block part of EU aid to Palestinians, the Commission stopped this in November 2002 Lump sum payments and has since focused on project funding.

Parliament set up an ad hoc committee to investigate payments to the Palestinian Authority. After its examinations to date, the committee came to the conclusion that the use of the flat-rate payments, with which the salaries of public service employees as well as educational and health institutions were to be financed, cannot be proven in detail.

"So it is possible that there was also EU money in the financial pot from which Arafat has enriched himself," said the CDU European parliamentarian and member of the ad hoc committee, Armin Laschet, to WELT.