When will people have enough

Enough of the pandemic - are you already tired of Corona?

Corona parties, demonstrations, secret meetings with closest friends, because “it won't be that bad”. While there was still great uncertainty in the early days of the pandemic, displeasure is slowly spreading in society. People are increasingly tired of the measures and long for a life without Corona.
Why is that? And above all: How can we rekindle motivation in society in order to get the pandemic under control together?

The fear is in the neck

At the March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) officially has the coronavirus pandemic explained. Let's remember: Hamster purchases were the result, massive fear or even panic and sometimes people voluntarily isolated themselves from all social contacts for weeks. The cause was a new type of virus that rolled across the globe like an avalanche. At the time, we hardly knew anything about that course and the development the disease. Devastating images circulated around the world on social media: there were people in China collapsing in the street, horror reports of dying people in Italian hospitals and pictures of stacked coffins in New York. We wanted everything do to prevent scenarios of this kind in our environment - the willingness to do without was correspondingly great.

The power of feelings

There is now an approved vaccine, but we are still eagerly waiting for the situation to be defused - and yet it seems like all these horrific pictures are out of our heads disappeared. The media report on numbers, facts, overloading of the health system and official measures ... the emotional Compared to spring, however, there is often no reference.
Now we know from psychology that there is a lot of content longer stay in mind when using this emotional arousal are connected. If the activation of the emotions is missing, our brain classifies the information as less important as if it were associated with fear or anger. The standby for information search disappears and with it also the motivationto want to contribute something to change the situation.

When the success fails

The first lockdown in the spring of this year was a great challenge for many of us. The Multiple loads at home, existential worries and sanitary fears were in everyone's mind. We have completely restructured our everyday life, endured losses and disappointments, endured stress - all for him good cause. For a brief moment it seemed that all of these troubles had come to an end worth it and we would have the disease under control brought. Until suddenly the number of infections rose again ... again in front of the television for the press conference, a renewed tremor about one's own existence and slowly the fear turned into annoyance. Why?

“Lack of success after great sacrifice leads to disappointment, frustration and exhaustion. We get the feeling that we have no control and get into a passive behavior pattern: No matter what I do, it doesn't change anything anyway! "


Nothing beats a good conspiracy theory

This is also the reason why right now the breeding ground for conspiracy theories is so fertile. Because they play with exactly this function of our brain and push ours with moving theories emotional instability at. Then there is the normal one "Compulsory declaration" of our brain - namely a desire to find a reason and cause for everything. Before we accept having to accept things as unclear, we submit to surreal theories, at least apparently one forecast and control allow.

The power of a good role model - or why system sprinklers are so contagious

When we feel all on the same strand to pull, we feel a way social pressure. It feels good to belong to the group of “the good guys” and the other way around, when we step out of line, we don't feel like we belong. Unfortunately, this cognitive pattern behaves very similarly the other way around. We suddenly see people in our environment who to rebel and rebel, you quickly get a feeling of injustice.

"Why should I limit myself when others don't take it so seriously?"


If we observe this behavior, we suddenly become aware that we too do not want to be patronized. Should I really get locked up? Can someone else decide what to do? Well, definitely not with me! And we adults quickly develop too Defiant behaviorthat we usually know only too well from our little ones.

Why do the right thing when the wrong thing isn't that bad?

And not only when it comes to defiant behavior, but also when it comes to lifelong learning, our mature brains do not function much differently than those of children. We learn that particularly well and quickly, for which we directly do one positive reinforcement experience. If this form of "Reward", we tend not to repeat what is actually sensible behavior. The other way around: If we are punished directly for misconduct, it reduces the likelihood of continuing to behave in this way. If, on the other hand, there is no punishment or consequence, we can Nor do they learn from mistakes. This is how it happened at one or the other Corona party, which was completely wrong socially and morally, but usually did not cause any pain for those affected personally.

"It only really hurts when it hurts itself"


The lure of the forbidden

It started with a red apple in Adam and Eve's paradise and continues to this day in our minds. We humans often want what we just can't have. The forbidden is particularly appealing and the temptation to break the rules is always great. Are you thinking about it yourself? What activities are particularly appealing to you now that we are not allowed to do them?

Finding solutions: Keeping the goal in mind

Not only we noticed that the many measures and the increasing lack of clarity about the regulations are a kind of "Corona Fatigue" trigger. The New York Times also writes:

“In those parts of the world where the coronavirus is re-spreading, the outbreaks are clashing with a growing sense of apathy. A dangerous combination that [...] could make the devastating new wave worse. "


It is all the more important to motivate society again and to get through the time together. What is important here? We summarize:

  1. It takes clear communication, Honesty and transparency on the part of the government. The measures must comprehensible and be absolutely clear. Constant innovations, ambiguities and regional differences create frustration and reduce motivation!
  2. People have to Meaningfulness recognize behind the measures. This should not only be established through facts and figures, but also through an emotional connection. Imagine if you could do just one with your help and behavior Saving lives - how does it feel to you?
  3. Social contacts are now more important than ever! If possible, based on the currently applicable measures, personally or virtually - stay in Contact with family and friends. Talk about your condition as often as possible and don't be afraid to professional help to claim something!
  4. Pay attention to your needs! We can only muster the required stamina if we do not neglect our own needs. So feel inside yourself: What do I need right now? How can I maybe do something good for someone else?
  5. Lose that perspective not out of sight: Even if it is tedious at the moment, you can look forward to a time when we have the virus under control. It will certainly still demand a lot of strength from us, but it will be worth it and we will enjoy the things we miss now even more!
  6. Photo source: (c) pixabay.com/users/alexas_fotos-686414