How much do physiotherapists earn

Physiotherapist training salary

For private and church hospitals as well as the pure training schools however, the collective agreement does not apply. For this, several federal states have the 2018/2019 apprenticeship year School fees for therapy professions partially or completely deleted. In the past, apprentices to become physiotherapists at private schools had to pay around 400 euros per month. This fee is now being reimbursed by some federal states - including North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein. The federal states either bear 70 percent of the costs or the entire sum. However, there are also costs for teaching materials or exams. Those who do not benefit from this funding can apply for student BAföG or an education loan.

How much can I earn later as a physiotherapist?

How high the salary is depends on the applicable collective bargaining agreements and the state. In western Germany, the average salary is around 2400 euros gross per month. As a rule, you earn more there than in the new federal states, which include Saxony or Brandenburg, for example. There the average earnings are around 1900 eurosgross per month.

If you work at a public institution, your earnings are based on the collective agreement for the public service. Without additional qualifications, you will often move into pay group five and receive around 2250 euros gross per month. After six years of work experience, you can do up to 2700 euros earn gross monthly.