Who would win between Hit and Jiren

Dragon Ball Super - My opinion on the fight Hit vs. Jiren

Despite Goku's new strength, he couldn't beat Jiren, will Hit be able to do something against this overwhelming opponent?

Son-Goku was able to go beyond his limits and awaken his ultra instinct, with which he seemed to be on a par with Jiren in the short term. Just as our hero was about to start the final blow, his new strength seemed to have already left him and so he was defeated by his opponent. Before Jiren could throw Goku out of the ring, Hit appeared to compete against the strongest member of the Pride Troopers.

As in my previous "Reviews" I will go into more detail on the content of the episode, which is why I want a clear one SPOILER WARNING want to pronounce.

What is Extreme Battle of Another Dimension about! Hit vs Jiren !!?

Goku is defeated and faces Freezer, who aims at him with a ki bullet. Meanwhile Ribrianne realizes that she is not up to the strength of Vegeta and therefore hides to restore her strength. Most of the attention, however, is given to Hit, the best assassin of the 6th universe who competes against Jiren, but even his time jump seems to be ineffective against this opponent. Will Hit find a way to defeat Jiren?

A force that breaks all boundaries

He's far beyond comprehension. This means Jiren possesses power that transcends time itself.

Son Goku lies beaten in the dust Freezers Feet, who seems to strike out for the final blow with a diabolical grin on his face, but much to his amazement, his old archenemy gives him some of his energy to help him back on his feet at least halfway. With this act all debts of the past (Namek) are now paid and Freezer withdraws again. Before that, he tells Goku that he should find a way to talk to Jiren To finish. Meets at the same time Ribrianne on Vegetawho doesn't feel like fighting the Magical Girl for as long as Kakarott did before, which is why he transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and clearly dominates the fight; his opponent decides to flee and hides under a rock. While Vegeta searches in vain for his opponent, Ribrianne gets company from her friend Roziewho tells her not to lose her fighting spirit, otherwise she will never be able to become a goddess of love. The real highlight takes place elsewhere, of course, because the fight between Hit and Jiren has begun! Hit tries various tactics against his opponent, but even his leap in time seems to be ineffective. His comrades Cabba, Caulifla and Kale notice that Hit is in trouble and Caulifla wants to join the fight to help him, but Cabba intervenes because Hit will surely have a strategy. In fact, there seems to be a tactic behind the attacker’s attack patterns, because he is just waiting for the right chance to counter. That same possibility came up recently and Hit can land a devastating hit on Jiren's chest, locking the Pride Trooper in a temporary prison. This is Hit's trump card, but it devours so much concentration and energy that he cannot attack his opponent for the time being. The Saiyajin see their chance to finally help Hit, but he sends them away because they should ensure the survival of the 6th Universe elsewhere. Jiren seems to be slowly freeing himself from his cage and Hit realizes that he will not be able to hold his opponent captive until the end of the tournament of strength. So he is forced to throw Jiren out of the arena with a single powerful attack, but just before the assassin's attack hits his target, the Pride Trooper can break free: He destroys his prison, breaks his opponent's attack and knocks Hit out of the ring with a single powerful attack! Hit is defeated and the 6th universe has lost its most powerful fighter. The strongest warrior of the 11th Universe has a power that not even time can restrain itself. After his victory, Jiren retires to meditate and leaves everything else to Toppo and Dyspo, who take their positions as his bodyguards; after Hit is no longer in the ring and Goku is no longer a threat, none of the remaining fighters is worth their time. In the tournament of strength, however, there are still 24 minutes left.

Jiren's weakness?

The warriors I'm needed for ... are already gone.

Jiren has shown tremendous powers in the past three episodes, which seem to have no limits; not even time can stop him. As we discovered in the course of the TV special, he may even be that mortal who could surpass the strength of the Gods of Destruction - but does he really have no weaknesses? If we look at the end of this episode, then he seems to have at least one trait in common with previous opponents as well as our heroes, who have already been their undoing several times: Jiren relies too much on his strength to such an extent that he is too arrogant to take full advantage of an opponent's potential. In the past, Cell or Goku Black / Zamasu, for example, were already certain of their victory, as was a Gohan after becoming a two-time Super Saiyan for the first time. They all surpassed the strength of their opponents so clearly that they believed that no one could pose a threat to them, only to experience a rude awakening afterwards. The same applies to Son-Goku, who, for example, did not consider it necessary to fight his opponent with full force in the fight against Majin Boo, although he could have destroyed him - rather he wanted this task for the next generation (Trunks and Goten) left. As we can see, Jiren already seems absolutely certain of his victory and no longer considers it necessary to attack Son Goku, as he is no longer a threat, but the Pride Trooper is likely to make a potentially fatal mistake, because he does not know what Goku is capable of and that he could still be dangerous to him, should he discover the secret of the Ultra Instinct. Jiren's potential weakness is, of course, very "Dragon Ball-like", but his arrogance could hit him badly at the end of the tournament.

Dragon Ball Supers 111th episode impresses primarily with the really great fight between Hit and Jiren, which offers many a visual highlight; the animations are very good and the choreography of the duel is nice to watch. There are only negative points in the B-note, because there were a few moments in which I had to shake my head in disbelief (Vegeta does not feel Ribrianne's Ki, Cabba and Co. do not attack the paralyzed Jiren). But all of these are just small flaws that don't really matter, because in the end the episode is really entertaining and makes me wait eagerly to see what else could happen in the Tournament of Power :)

That was my opinion on the 111th DBS episode, but what's yours? And do you think Jiren has a weakness?