What is a phoenix


The phoenix or phoenix is ​​a bird from an ancient legend. He was already known in ancient Egypt and then in ancient Greece. The bird looks like a heron and represents longevity or rebirth.

The Egyptians believed that the gray heron fathered its children alone. Among the Greeks, the bird made a nest of herbs and burned in it. The smell of the herbs ensured that the bird was later reborn from the ashes.

Many centuries after the ancient Greeks, Europeans still named things after the phoenix. In the sky of the southern hemisphere a constellation has been named after him. In addition, the phoenix is ​​an animal, as you can see it in coats of arms, a city in the USA is called that, and above all the phoenix stands for a phrase: "like phoenix from the ashes" is said when something apparently dead comes to life again .

  • The phoenix from the ashes, from a Scottish book 900 years ago

  • The Feng Huang from ancient China: He also comes from fire, but is a different being.

  • The phoenix as heraldic animal, here in the coat of arms of the city of Buko, which is located in Saxony-Anhalt

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