What does a zoologist do

Profession as

With zoology you enter an extremely broad field, so that the possible fields of work and tasks in the profession as a zoologist can be very different.

Like most biologists, you can do research and teaching as a zoologist, for example at technical colleges, universities and public or private research institutions. You concentrate on individual species or different groups of animals, look at their behavior, their history or their anatomy. But you can also devote yourself to their genetics, their development or ecology. Depending on what you have focused on, you are either in the laboratory examining samples, analyzing statistics and documenting your results, or you are out in the open and observe the individual animals in the wild or in their enclosures.

The profession as a zoologist can also take you to museums, for example as a consultant and in archiving, or zoological gardens and wildlife parks, where you accompany the rearing, monitoring and feeding of animals. But even in museums and zoos, your work is often still closely linked to research.

Other fields of work in the profession as a zoologist can be found in science management, for example in the management of research institutes. You can also write articles for specialist magazines and specialist books in science journalism. In addition, zoologists are also sought in public relations, marketing or consulting companies. Of course, in your job as a zoologist you can also focus on animal and environmental protection and work in appropriate organizations.

As a zoologist, you also have the opportunity to find work in related fields, for example in veterinary medicine or agriculture, where you can bring in your knowledge of different species, their occurrence or their habits. However, you should make it clear to yourself from the start that vacancies in zoology are in great demand. Whether research, service or industry, in the profession as a zoologist you will always meet numerous competition.