Are men afraid of single women?

Women over 40 are more uncompromising : Finding men becomes more difficult

The search for a man for life is not always easy, especially for women over 40. Stars like Sandra Bullock, Mariella Ahrens or Barbara Becker - they are all over 40, successful and attractive. Nevertheless, it just doesn't seem to want to work in love - just like with many German women who are looking for the right one in their prime. In a survey by the partner agency Parship, a company of the Holtzbrinck publishing group, around 1,090 single women between 40 and 65 were asked how they felt about the search for a partner compared to before. In the opinion of more than three quarters of those questioned, finding a partner is more arduous than it used to be, despite increasing life experience. But the opposite sex is not to blame. More than 60 percent of single women who find it more difficult to find a partner than before see the reasons for their single status in themselves: They have higher demands and are less willing to compromise when it comes to love.

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Afraid of younger competition

More than a third of women over 40 who have difficulty finding a partner want a man of the same age. At the same time, however, their fear grows that their potential partner might give preference to a younger person - a feeling that becomes more important with increasing age. While around a fifth of 40 to 49 year olds see younger competition as the reason for being solo, there are already almost twice as many among those 50 and over. But women over 40 still do not want to hear about the last minute panic or the desperate search for a new partner. Few fear that their strong longing for a new partner will scare away the male world.

“As a woman over 40 you have already gained a lot of life and relationship experience and you are much more likely to know what is good for you and what is not. Single women are therefore more picky than they were when they were young and primarily think long-term, ”explains Caroline Erb, psychologist and couple counselor at the online partner agency. “That doesn't always make finding a partner easy. But love is not a question of age - one should see personal maturity and wealth of experience as an enrichment for a partnership on an equal footing. "

The strength lies in serenity

However, just under eight percent of the single women surveyed are completely relaxed. For them, finding a new partner over 40 is easier than it used to be. The main reason for so much composure: They know their needs better than ten years ago and thus reap clear plus points from the stronger sex. 46 percent of these female singles also see their life and love situation as much more relaxed than in younger years - and thus also take the pressure off potential partners. Six percent of self-confident single women over 40 are also sure that they can score points with the men's world with experience and independence. With so much serenity, the younger competition is guaranteed to pack up too.

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