How do I avoid crying during an interview

Ariana Grande starts crying during an interview and we sob right away

Yes the pain and the fears are still deep and will probably be a constant companion of the 25-year-olds for a long time to come. Sometimes more, sometimes less intense.

Just recently, the power lady gave in an interview with the British Vogue admitted that they were even under one after the attack in Manchesterpost traumatic stress disorder have suffered. A fact that cannot simply be wiped away. Because May 22nd has left its mark. “It totally changes your life. (...) No matter where you go, you look at the places differently. I don't want security to follow me everywhere. That feels inhuman. I know people are just trying to take care of me, but I just want to run around with my friends, have fun and be free. But you think differently about it when something like that happens. "

Ariana Grande has an important message for all of us

And this is exactly where you tie in Song "Get Well Soon" at. A song that should not only bring her a little healing, but also every other person in this world who has to struggle with small or large fears.

“It's not just about Manchester. It's also about personal demons, fears, and intimate tragedies. Mental health is so important. Most people just don't pay enough attention to it because we all have different things to do. We have appointments, jobs, children ... pressure that we have to withstand (...). People don't pay attention to what's going on inside. I'm sorry, you're collapsing right now ", so Ariana's emotional words.