What are the main FinTech hubs

The 20 most important FinTech hubs worldwide

A ranking of the global FinTech hubs and ecosystems was recently published for the first time. It evaluates FinTech activities in over 230 cities in 65 countries. Two German FinTech locations stand out in particular.

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The British company Findexable has published a global ranking of FinTech locations. It is the first index developed to evaluate FinTech activity globally and to understand the scope and scope of FinTech activity in different regions of the world. The report analyzes more than 7,000 FinTech companies in 230 cities from 65 countries.

The calculation of the country and city ranking is made up of the following three factors:

  • Quantity (number of FinTechs, FinTech hubs, accelerators, etc.),
  • Quality (number of unicorns, investments, events etc.) and
  • Environment (e.g. regulatory environment, incentives for startups).

Locations were measured on the basis of “soft metrics”, for example the number of the most important industry events, the FinTech incubators or the accelerator programs. In addition, there are “harder key figures” such as access to online payment services or the number of local FinTech unicorns. According to its own statement, Findexable uses real-time data and an algorithm with artificial intelligence for the global ranking.

Berlin among the To 20 Global FinTech Hubs

The first three places are San Francisco Bay (Silicon Valley), London and New York. As the German FinTech capital, Berlin is the 9th best continental European location.

Here is the list of the top 20:

  1. San Francisco Bay: 80,136 points,
  2. London: 54,888 points,
  3. New York: 36,889 points,
  4. Singapore City: 23,621 points,
  5. Sao Paulo: 18,805 points,
  6. Los Angeles: 17,867 points,
  7. Bangalore: 16.093 points,
  8. Boston: 15,795 points,
  9. Berlin: 15,616 points,
  10. Mumbai: 15,063 points,
  11. Hong Kong: 14,778 points,
  12. Toronto: 14,616 points,
  13. Sydney: 14,470 points,
  14. Chicago: 14,419 points,
  15. Paris: 14,293 points,
  16. New Delhi: 13,958 points,
  17. Tokyo: 13,783 points,
  18. Tel Aviv: 13,628 points,
  19. Atlanta: 13,150 points,
  20. Miami: 13.097

Hamburg in the top position of the up-and-coming FinTech hubs

Hamburg also plays a role in the report. The city on the Elbe tops the list of emerging locations in the Global FinTech Index 2020 (“Growth Hubs”), followed by Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and Copenhagen. In the European Top 50, the Elbe metropolis secured 13th place. In the global ranking, Hamburg made it to 43rd place.

Here is the list of the top 9 so-called FinTech geowth hubs:

  1. Hamburg
  2. Tallinn
  3. Copenhagen
  4. Istanbul
  5. Dubai
  6. Johannesburg
  7. Nairobi
  8. Lagos
  9. train

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