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Why did Lord Shiva fight with Lord Vishnu?

In fact, none of the above stories actually depict a battle between Vishnu and Shiva; The first story is about a battle between Vishnu and Shiva's incarnation Vrishabha, and the second story is about a battle between Shiva and Vishnu's incarnation Krishna. As far as I know, the only battle between Vishnu and Shiva himself is that described by Parashurama in the Bala Kanda of Ramayana, and Vishnu only won it by saying "buzz":

Once all the gods asked the grandparent Brahma who was powerful and who was less powerful among the Blue-throated Shiva and Vishnu, but the grandparent Brahma, deducing the gods' intention, began to create adversity among these two, Shiva and Vishnu, for the grandparent is the best believer in truthfulness, since the truth cannot be proven by hearsay. Because of their hostility, a violent and hair-raising war broke out between Shiva and Vishnu as each sought victory for himself. Through the "hum" of Vishnu, this ruinously overwhelming longbow is broken by Shiva and the triple-eyed god Mahadeva is frozen.

Then gods joined together with the assemblies of sages and celestial karana and asked these two for appeasement regarding the exercise of authority, and then these two superior gods, Shiva and Vishnu, went into a state of friendship. When they saw Shiva's bow made sluggish by the ease of Vishnu, they stopped henceforth the gods together with the assemblies of the wise Vishnu for the most important things .

In case you are wondering, Shiva's bow is the same one that was later broken by Vishnu's incarnation, Rama, to gain Sita’s hand in marriage.