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Kpop Fan`s

"Normal" Kpop fans [edit | Edit source]

The normal Kpop fans are fans of Kpop and / or certain Kpop bands and singers. The fans try, especially in Korea or generally more in Asia, to style themselves just like their pop idols. For example, many people color their hair lighter (red / blonde) or colored in order to attract attention. Because that's how many Kpop stars do it. Asians often have black or brown hair, so some try to stand out from the crowd by coloring their hair brightly / brightly. Many Kpop stars also wear contact lenses or do an eye surgery in which they fold an eyelid so that the eyes appear larger. Because in Asia, big eyes are considered the ideal of beauty, because many Asians naturally have small eyes, because they usually do not have creases. Many fans also dress very flashy, flashy and colorful, like the pop stars. Most kpop fans also try to learn the choreagraphs (from the music videos) to the songs of their kpop idols. There are even special dance schools in Asia. However, all of this only applies to Asian fans. Many of the normal fans also like to paint posters for their Kpop idols and then usually hold them up when their idols perform live. Raving, concerts, posters, autographs, fan meetings, buying fan articles (T-shirts, ..), possibly dance lessons, possibly Kpop styling, CD and photo collecting - that is enough for most fans. Some fans are mature, calm and reserved, others scream and freak out when they see their favorite star.

Typical kpop fans[Edit | Edit source]

In general, Kpop fans are considered to be much more crazy, childish, immature and crazy, in contrast to fans of other music genres. Kpop fans are also seen as more emotional, which means that they “freak out” with their respective favorite band / singer or their current favorite song, or scream, squeak or even howl with joy because of the idols than other music fans would . In addition, they should defend their favorite singer or band very hard in the event of criticism or hostility towards them. It is also said that they take their favorite music genre, i.e. kpop, much more seriously. Negative examples like the very childish, cranked and immature Kpop fans are unfortunately often more noticeable, so the "normal" quieter and more mature fans. Because these are of course only prejudices, so this does not apply to every Kpop fan.

Fandom[Edit | Edit source]

Each band has its own "fandom" (its own fans or their own fan club, so to speak) and each "fandom" has a special name that is only permitted for this band. For example, the band “U-Kiss” has given its fans the name “Kiss Me’s” or the band “Super Junior” calls its fans “ELF” (stands for “Everlasting Friends”). The fans of the Shinee are called "Shawol's". BTS fans are called "A.R.M.Y". (Other examples: Fandom Names, Official Fan Club Names and Colors, Fan Club Names & Colors, K-pop Groups Official Fandom names).

Fanchant[Edit | Edit source]

When Kpop bands perform live, the fans always shout something at certain points in the song. Namely to cheer on and support the pop bands or singers when they enter (or dance). For example, the names of the band members are listed or the song is simply sung along at a certain point (e.g. the chorus).

Crazy Sasaeng fans[Edit | Edit source]

Saseng comes from Korean and means something like "private life". Saseng fans are kpop fans, mostly Asian. However, these are crazy; extreme and above all intrusive fans who stalk their kpop idols. They follow their favorite idols every step of the way. Saseng fans hang their entire lives on a kpop group / favorite. For them, everything revolves around the clock, just about their favorite pop stars. Sasaengs are understandably very unpopular with normal fans and also with the idols. Because the Saeseng fans also often had the other (normal) fans. Therefore, both idols and the common kpop fans are scared of these crazy Sasaeng fans. In any case, Sasaengs are something of a mass stalker. Because in contrast to other stalkers, there are not only isolated but rather shockingly large numbers. These Saeseng fans are mostly between 13 and 22 years old and mostly female.

Sasaengs - what / who exactly is that?[Edit | Edit source]

Sasaengs is the name for fans who will stop at nothing so that “their” idols will remember them. Sam Landsky, an editor for "New York" and "The Atlantic", says "Sa" means private and "Saeng" means life; this comes off pretty well from the translation. Sasaengs spend most of the day doing nothing but stalking their favorite idol or band.

What exactly do Sasaeng fans do? (Examples)[Edit | Edit source]

Saseng fans do one thing above all else: you stalk and follow their favorite stars. That is called thisSaseng fans besiege their darlings anytime, anywhere, wherever they go and even follow them at private events. Often these Saseng fans are organized small groups who were either born rich or kept afloat with part-time jobs like prostitution. Some also work for airlines, telephone companies or the like and can thus obtain information such as flight schedules or telephone numbers and often sell them on for large sums of money, the same applies to private information and private photos, but many of these Sasengs often spread false information. And Saseng fans:

  • hates / threatens normal fans, other fandoms, other idols (or are happy if there is a negative report / illness of other idols) as well as family members and friends of the idols, such as J-Hope's (BTS) sister when she posted photos with the BTS members and then learned so much hate and death threats that she had to delete the pictures and take her account offline for a short time.
  • are online in organized exclusive groups and sell private information (about KPop idols and relatives of the stars) or private photos to each other. However, their own spread false information and half-truths.
  • touch their idols or even try to kiss them (YouTube fan trying to Kiss Suga BTS)
  • run after their idols, as BTS found out after a shopping tour in Sweden when they were followed by screaming girls with cameras.
  • make pictures and videos of their idols all the time, in order to get the "good" videos / pictures possible, press the stars massively and try to get as close as possible to them. Suga (BTS) was surrounded by several fans with cameras at the airport, at one point he was so annoyed that he took out his cell phone and filmed the fans around him to give them their own medicine, so to speak, and to report it as a big hit.
  • send them e.g. fan letters with their (periods) blood
  • scratch or cut off a finger for their Kpop idols, for example, which, for example, a girl did when rumors were running around Jungkook (BTS) was in a relationship
  • threaten and harass the kpop idols, e.g. by phone calls
  • make suicide or death threats to their idols. For example, RapMonster (BTS) was threatened by some fans that they would shoot him during a live performance in New York, which is why the concert was canceled.
  • even break into their favorite stars to either be close to their favorite star or, for example, to steal items of clothing, preferably underwear and other private items and to sell them on to other Saseng fans on the Internet or to keep them for themselves. There have also been cases in which Saseng fans have tried to kiss their favorite sleeping star during such a break-in.
  • spend the night in front of their dorms (houses or apartments in which the idols live) or hotels and wait there for hours for their favorites. For example, some poop in front of the dorms of popular pop idols.
  • try to poison them by also giving the idols prepared foods or gifts, Himchan from B.A.P, for example, had short-term health problems due to a coffee prepared with constipation-causing drugs.
  • There have also been cases where some Sasaengs even beat their favorite idols
  • Airports and airplanes: crowds of fans often gather to receive or say goodbye to their Kpop idols at the airport. Sometimes these fans press the idols massively and follow them with cameras or even try to touch them or run as close as possible to them. Very extreme fans even follow the stars into the plane to their respective travel destination, secretly take pictures of them during the flight and also follow them at the airport, such as a Chinese girl without pants welchses Jungkook (BTS) to the destination airport or a group of screaming girls Taeyung (BTS) ran after what scared the young superstar so much that he ran off with his head chanted and had to be brought to safety by security. BTS, for example, is often affected by such attacks, which is why Big Hit has meanwhile switched to forbidding some fans to take the same flight as BTS or to let BTS fly with private planes.
  • Girl bands are often victims of sexual harassment by male fans who sexualize idols on the Internet or try to take photos under the skirt while performing. (, times-perverted-fans-were-caught-doing-inappropriate-things-to-female-idols /)

Incidents[Edit | Edit source]

The band with what was probably the first Sasaengs was TVXQ, a K-pop boy group that made it into the Guinness Book of Records with their world's largest fan club. The five boys magnetically attracted hundreds of thousands of girls, but also women, with their dreamy looks. When the band TVXQ wanted to drive home from a concert in their black van, ten taxis followed. The taxi drivers specialize in Sasaeng assignments; they know their job and always know immediately what to do in such a situation. You can then rent them for several hours. The price for such car chases is excessive; the Sasaeng business is booming. The clients are either born rich or get their money through several jobs - including prostitution.

The worst incidents with sasaengs were on TVXQ. Some of them pooped on the steps of the TVXQs' dorm, broke into their homes and watched and photographed the singers in their sleep and even tried to acquire the "rights" to the band in order to be able to marry the stars. The horror series peaked when a fan posted a photo showing a member of TVXQ taking an afternoon nap in the sauna. At a press conference, the band member later announced that he had often been attacked by girls in his bedroom. They would have tried to kiss him in his sleep. On his Twitter account he wrote: "I would give anything for a normal life". The police were often called in to help, but prosecution is difficult because the majority of the Sasaengs are minors.

What happened earlier with TVXQ happened later with their label partners EXO, a twelve-piece boy band. The stories with the obsessive fans even make it onto the reputable Korean news channels. So also the most recent event: the brother of a band member got married. The celebration was stormed by wild, intrusive girls. The wedding ended like a nightmare for the newlyweds. With EXO, the Sasaengs have ushered in a new era.