What is the advantage of industrial psychology

Work, organizational and business psychology

Tanja Bipp, Professor at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg: “The application of psychology to specific questions in organizations has always fascinated me. Here you can experience how the knowledge and methods from all areas of psychology are implemented, why all this diverse knowledge, numerous theories and models are necessary to understand the behavior and experience of employees. With its research, AOW psychology provides a great basis for effective applications in practice, in the sense of an evidence-based procedure, comparable to that which is common in medicine, for example. That means that only that should really be implemented in practice that we know that it "works" and that it does not have any (at least no major) "side effects". Central issues such as motivation and the health of employees concern many companies these days and helping them - in cooperation with engineers, lawyers, or business economists - to act more professionally offers many job opportunities for graduates in this area. Not too surprisingly, this area of ​​psychology is one of the rapidly growing, with diverse career opportunities. To help shape the work of today and tomorrow - that is central to me. "

Thomas Rigotti, Professor at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz: “Psychology is a very diverse subject. What I find fascinating about AOW psychology is that almost the entire range of psychological sub-disciplines can be used. Many psychological topics are relevant for understanding and changing the experience and behavior in the work context, including perceptual phenomena and emotions (general psychology), social interaction processes and people in groups (social psychology), analysis and prediction of human behavior and experience (differential and diagnostic psychology) , Changes in the course of the life span (developmental psychology) as well as knowledge of mental disorders and approaches from educational and clinical psychology. For me, AOW psychology focuses on people with their needs, limits and possibilities. Well-designed work creates identity and meaning, it promotes personal development and makes a significant contribution to (mental) health. Both in research and in the application context, the AOW provides many constructive approaches for this. Carrying this out into practice remains an ongoing challenge. "